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The Mortewood Plaza - My Response To Podcast17...

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Ok this is my first and last rant about the internet waste of space that goes by the name Podcast 17.

Basically I thought this was a bunch of guys reviewing peoples mods, looking at what they do and can become and giving tips, pointers and information about the mod.

It turns out its just a long as audio clip with a bunch of guys who know NOTHING about anything. They judge a book by its cover, they are hypercritical and worst of all. THEY DO NOT RESEARCH ANYTHING. They question content in mods without reading the justifacation written by the developers.

Recently after a HUGE gap since last reviewing Mortewood they out of the blue decided to pick up on what I was doing. They saw something which happened to be my live feed. This new idea I had was too much for them so they slagged it off as much as they can without reading ANYTHING. They then go on to question my working methods and act like I am a team who need to get the other members to work on maps while I work on programming and modelling weapons and zombies.

I took the part about Mortewood only because it is not my job to justify the crap they say about other mods.

SORRY about the terrible audio quality of my voice, my sound card needs fixing, or I need to buy a new one.

The clips in-between the angry British guy are the ones from Podcast17.

Comment and tell me what you think. I believe that they are well out of line. Maybe some of the stuff I said was wrong, but they were just stupid.

And for all those wondering if this is because I can't take criticism it is not. Sure im not the best at taking it. But saying that my whole news post was ruined by a stupid idea that is my livesteam is just out of order. I have had nothing but good reviews about that livestream. They are just stupid.

Obviously there response will be something like "Oh well we don't have time to research." Well maybe we wait till another mod reviewer comes who really knows how to review a mod. Just wait people.

Comments welcome.