You play as Alastair, a 19th century researcher who has devoted his life to the study of the Four Horsemen. Upon hearing reports of their arrival to Earth, Alistair realises that he may have the solution to save mankind from annihilation...

str4wberrypanic says

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It's been a long time since i've played a decent story like yours. The level design was amazing! And congratulations for the voice acting.
The only reason i give you 9/10 it's because you've used music from vanilla amnesia (it really breaks the immersion, the music is really boring). But overall, great job, congratulations!

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Positives: - High level of creativity - Advanced, yet not too hard puzzles - Amazing level design! It's obvious that you took your time with it - Story line is so unique as it can be - Best voice acting I've ever heard in Amnesia! Huge cred to the voice actors Negatives: - Suitor only spawned once and disappeared quickly. I saw no purpose with him - Pretty few actual encounters (the grunt was walking around like 12 times and only attacked 1-2 times at most) - The ending was way too easy, especially…

Sep 6 2013 by KrustiClawn