The Flood - Shadows of a Dark Past is a Survival horror mod for Half Life 2. Your name is Elliot. You awaken near a lake, unable to remember the events that took place the day before. Disturbing memories haunt you, and you are unsure of what is real and what isn't. Armed with a flashlight, you set off to find out what has happened to you.

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A summary of the mods history, and what we plan to include.

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Hello everyone. I'm DoomLegend, the original project creator for The Flood, and I want to take a few minutes of your time to describe the overall project goal of this mod. The following is a summary of everything that has happened in the development time of the mod

The mod was started as our take on the horror genre of HL2 mods. Half-Life 2 has been the poster child for horror mods for a while now, but me and Ian are both avid horror fans of cinema and video games alike, and thought it would have been the easiest genre to make the mod on.

In the finished product, we want to incorporate branching story paths based on the players overall play style and choices. We want to include puzzles that can have an effect on the story/map design as well as multiple endings.

Mod History: Back in 2012, I was still in my early stages of mapping, primarily in the Doom engine. At the time, I got to know CrazyIan, and we decided we should work on a mod together.Cry of Fear was the biggest thing that happened that year to us. We loved the mod, and loved how it took advantage of the GoldSRC engine and how it sent the engine to it's limits. We loved the general atmosphere of it, and decided we wanted to try something like it.

In the past few years, horror modifications have been quite the norm for Half-Life 2. Grey, Underhell, and several dozen other mods in production for the game all have a strong horror background, and it was in 2012 when I was working on some horror themed Doom maps. Since we agreed to make the mod together, we wanted to do an engine that we felt comfortable with. One that was easy to use, but flexible. We decided to make it a Half Life 2 mod based on the Source Engine.

It was in mid-late 2012 where we started designing elements/ideas. A lot of the early stuff from the mod stems on some old Doom map work I had done in the past. None of my Doom maps I've worked on have ever been released on the idgames archive or anywhere else because I don't feel they are good enough to release. Ian was really taking the time to learn mapping, and I was already efficient in C++ and lua, so it looked like we could do it, even if it took a long time.

However, school became quite the hassle for me at the time, and I decided to stop working on it. My plights aside, Ian wanted to continue it, so he did. He didn't get any team members, beside 1 modeler that I haven't heard from in months.

Fast forward to today, and I've been getting back into the swing of things. I've been working on some rough sketches of some design elements that may be used in the mod at some point.

We still don't have a lot done, but we are still doing our best on it. I thank our followers for showing interest on the mod. Please stay tuned. We have more on the way.

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