The story:

Germans are on the fall, despite all their campaigns to turn the course of war...
Outcome has nearly allways been disastrous.

Eventhough the Soviets haven't started their march to Berlin, the outcome
of war has come clear in minds of many... There ain't any escape for
nazis any more, they will surely lose the war.

Events of the last months has been a preloque to this conclusion:
Assassination of the "genuine Aryan" family Grosses, Rommels defeat
in El Alamein and many more frightening failures of German battleunits.

But the most destructive loses has been caused by one man...
Captain William Blazkowicz who put end to the threat of chemical warfare
(may Otto Giftmacher and General Fetgesicht burn in peace) and captured
the Spear of Destiny from the cluthes of Adolf Hitler.

But once again humans are know to commit desperate acts for their survivalance
and nazis aren't an exception.

Somewhere under Rheinstaad, the order of Himmler (nazis of the round table)
has gathered to make the final solution to seal the glorious victory of the Third Reich...

Some of the Features:

- 64+ walls,
- ammo- and medicine racks,
- textured ceiling/floor
- lots of new objects,
- directional sprites,
- animated objects,
- endlevel object,
- godmode, "teleport" and berserk artefacts,
- hazardous items (mines, poison pools etc.),
- new treasure items,
- backpack
- disguise
- mutant's shoot now rockets,
- destructable objects (barrels, columns),
- one new weapon (with its own ammotype),
- gun bobbing + bobbing change
- lots of new sounds,
- ambient sounds in certain levels,
- heartbeat sound,
- shading,
- new palette,
- ingame messages (by WSJ),
- level name is now showed in the Get Psyched screen,
- full size view,
- changed secret cheat codes,
- Intermission- and Readthis!-screens,
- Outside Atmosphere (Thanks KyleRTCW and Adam Biser)


- id-soft. (Thanks for making the Wolfenstein 3d and S.O.D)
- Lord Raffles & Noni (Thanks, for your free walltextures)
- GRPSites (Lot's of good walltexture ideas there)
- (Awesome texture library and a handy coding-section)
- Dr. Chainsaw,Dugtrio17,Flamer46,KyleRTCW and
DieHard wolfers - community (Thanks for your ideas/tutorials)

Tools used:

- Borland 3.1 C++: Source code editing
- Ms-Paint: Graphics/textures/sprites editing
- FloEdit: Importing graphics/textures/sprites/sounds/ and editing maps
- ChaosEdit: Adding the ceiling and floor to the maps.

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Game is nearly finished!!!


Now I finally have completed the game and only thing I need anymore is some
Beta-testers... If anyone is interested please contact me.

Goal is set


Eleventh level is now done... If I can continue making levels with this speed, the game is finished in June.. So looking forward Summer to see how this...

A small update


Here is the unoffical list of levels (notice, this might change a bit in the fullversion): 1. Grauwald, 2. Gold mines, 3. Checkpoint Alpha, (Boss 01...

More progress


Progress is faster than I expected... I have now finished the tenth level and only eleven more left to do ...



After busy examweek I have finally enough time to do my best for this mod... I try to make updates as much as possible and keep my goal set. Awaiting...

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The False Spear - demo v1.4.

Full Version

This is a six level demo of the False Spear... It doesn't contain the laboratory test-levels shown on the screenshot (they we're from v1.3...


It is a little difficult to evaluate the decision to use a separate type of ammunition for each type of weapon. On the one hand, it diversified the game, on the other hand, it annoyed, since the weapon for everyone's favorite machine gun instantly ran out. I remember that I had to finish off the first ubermutant with almost a pistol ... But when the last most powerful weapon appears, the need for other guns disappears.
Technological change is also controversial. It seems like a lot of work has been done, but everything has become kind of gray ... But the original Wolfenstein is attractive, among other things, for its bright, albeit not realistic, colors. When I ended up turning off some of the graphical bells and whistles, it only got better ...
The levels are very annoying, extremely boring and monotonous, with these dumb separate weapon rooms, completely uninteresting secrets. It seems that the creators, again, wanted to achieve realism, but it seems that Wolfenstein is valued for something completely different.
All levels are made almost the same - the same corridors with a bunch of stupid micro-rooms on the sides.
In addition, there are a lot of bugs in the game: the sniper rifle constantly freezes in zoom mode, and the second secret level simply refused to start, and had to be skipped ...
In short, I pay tribute to the enormous work done, but, unfortunately, I went through without any pleasure.

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WLHack Creator

New webpage is up:

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WLHack Creator

To aid my fellow Wolf3D modders, I have released the textures used in False Spear as a zip...
(press the "download"-button... What ever it name is.)

If you use these textures, please remember to credit me.

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WLHack Creator

Well, I got anymore 1 level more to do and then I have to change few sounds...
Sorry. I promised to release this last month but due my sickness (nothing dangerous, just some fever)
I couldn't work....

Oh I also changed some of the guns:
(Pleaso no ripping...)

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I played the demo and i love it. You put alot of new features and time in this game. I hope the full version comes out soon. I would like to see the full wersion played.

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WLHack Creator

Well, if I have time, I can take a look.

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Yeah there are tons of people that are still modding Wolfenstein 3D. It is the game that started FPS's! When I played It took me a very long time to find some of the keys on the 1st level but I did pretty well It eventually got so overwelling that I eventually gave up... (sorry) I really like the textures though...

When you finish this mod would you be able to help me on a mod that I'm working on?
(fyi - it's not on this site...)

keep wolfing

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Awesome. I had no idea there were people still modding Wolf3d. It was the first game I ever made a level for. :D

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This mod seems really cool... The Idea is great... keep working on this because its almost done!

storyline is very vague though... im downloading the demo as i speek... i hope its as gret as it soinds

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