Malgorra is defeated, Umbracor is free at last. But the next adventure is already waiting. When they return to Ferdok the heroes are engaged to take an escaped villain into custody. During their search they give a merchant a helping hand and suddenly events go out of control. Who is this mysterious one-eyed man who doesn't even hesitate to murder a Devotee of Praios and what sinister plans does he pursue? What's the matter with Archmage Rakoriums mysterious researches? Is there a onnection between the researches and the parts of the figurine which falls into the heroes' hands?

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kohlenpott says

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A great mod with many very nice ideas. The story starts quite harmless but then the action increases more and more.
Additionally, the support for this mod is very competent and fast!


Lôke-Naar-Rîm says

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