In The Evasion you once again take control of Adrian Shephard set shortly after the nuclear bomb that devastated the Black Mesa Research Facility. The Evasion is a small map pack for Half-Life. Development started in July 2011 and thus far is going slow but surely. Despite some hiatuses I plan on finishing it this year.

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Good mod, there is a bit of everything in this one (Xen, office, lab, outdoor,underwater, etc.)

I really like the design of indoor locations. It was detailed but still looked very Half-Lise-ish. My favourite design is the lab-looking enviromnent just before you use the elevator that crashes.

In terms of layout there are a couple of parts in which you can go into several locations in the order you want. Of course there is only one "true" path out of those but it's still good to be given this choice and sense of non-linearility.

There are also 3 (at least I found 3) secrets places to find which always is always a plus in terms of layout. One of them even triggers a cool scripted event.

I played on Hard and difficulty and health ratio was spot on. I was always around 50HP which made me stay on my edge but each time my HP started to get lower I'd find HP and armor to get back to 50. I died a couple of times though in the toughest parts.

There is tons of ammo so you don't need to be conservative.

My only grip is that I encountered a couple of bugs : during the elevator crash I was ******* around in the border of the elevator which killed me during the crash; after that I couldn't keep playing after the next cutscene. Loading the latest autosave would even crash the game, so I had to reload a previous save (which was only a couple of mins before so it wasn't a big deal).
Also in the last level, in the tunnel I got stuck in between the army tuck and the pile of sandbags. Against no big deal because I had just saved as well.

Recommended mod.
There is a bit of everything, design is clean and just detailed enough with interesting layout.
Gameplay is fun with a spot on difficulty.

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Worthy of Gearbox themselves!

This mod is incredibly fun to play. It's challenging, attractive and in some places, humorous. Everything a Half-Life mod should be.

Every inch of this mod has been painstakingly detailed and is a true inspiration to anyone who still maps for GoldSource.

The only reason I'm not giving this a 10 is because of a few issues concerning rotating doors which trapped me a couple of times and caused me to use noclip to free myself.

Other than that, absolutely sublime.


Jan 5 2013 by UrbaNebula