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Behold the majestic spellbook of Isengard and our new forum, fully supported by the developers team!

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BFME: Reforged Update №3: Spellbook and New Forum

Dear companions, we are excited to share something with you at long last! We even struggled to name the new article properly, because there is so much new to show. The new spellbook of Isengard is an extremely complex interface structure which needed the involvement of not just digital artists, but even 3d artists, because as you can see, the origin of some of spellbook parts is a 3d modelling application.

Desktop Screenshot 2018 11 09

The spells are essentially the same with a small exception of three new. The dragons were replaced by Lightning Storm spell which is something that many BFME II players may recognize, thought the power output of the storm is greatly enhanced in comparison to it's, sort of, predecessor. We've already revealed the mystery behind the Burning Engine spell in the article before this one, and in the newest video we show you the footage of this machine being used.

Yet the replacement for The Watcher summoning spell is a new, unique spell to Isengard, the effect of which is not to be revealed yet. Who knows, perhaps, some of our companions may have already guessed the idea.

At some point someone asked us a question about the appearance of upgrades, saying that mere yellowing or adding a glowing effect is not a very up-to-date thing. We are not entirely sure, if our approach is right, but we promise you that we will do anything to ensure the idea's successful and convenient implementation. The idea is to radically change the visual system and implement a much more realistic way of upgrading units with better armor.

warg rider

The concept of this idea is simple: all units that can be upgraded with heavy armor leave the barracks in lighter armor and clothing, as shown on the concept art. But once upgraded, the units will drastically change in appearance instantly. It's an additional layer of tough leather armor in the case with Isengard warg riders.

And at long last we have a new forum! We hope that the old one will be soon all but forgotten and the new one greater than ever! Very simple to use and extremely fast to upload and navigate through, the new forum, we hope, will be a cool place for our growing community. What also matters is that the forum is now actively supported by the developers themselves, now everyone can ask us anything they want or just have a conversation, we don't bite.


There is much more to see in the video above, don't miss it! Please, remember that are also active on our Facebook page, our YouTube channel and we'll do our best to be active here, on Moddb as well!

With love,

BFME: Reforged Team


Amazing! Great job :)

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Any thoughts on possibly keeping the spellbook costs and structures of the Edain mod instead of the vanilla tree? I always thought it made a lot more sense to have offensive short term powers on one side and defensive long term powers on the other side of the tree. Rather than a power randomly being connected to another power which changes the strategic aspect of choosing of power from which serves your game plan better in the moment and in the long run, to simply picking a power because you want another power later in the tree. It makes the aspect of choice feel less impactful IMO.

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I mean I would just like the two teams to fuse and just have Edain on UE4 XD

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The burning engine looks great, but I hope that the pathfinding will be good and exact enough, such that players will be able to evade it and can play around the spell.

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