The American Revolution Mod (T.A.R. Mod for short) is a complete overhaul for Empire Total War. It allows the player to replay the American Revolutionary War fielding a massive roster of units drawn straight from history! The AI is based on DarthMod with option for using Bran Mac Born's AI tweaks. T.A.R. Mod also comes complete with several custom campaigns and support for the original Empire campaigns. All that topped off with the T.A.R. Launcher and Management system with selectable options so can tailor the mod to your liking. With over a hundred thousand downloads over the previous years, T.A.R. has been rebuilt from the ground up and re-released in 2019 with the The American Revolution Mod Tenth Anniversary Edition! No longer in beta and with all the old stability issues addressed plus new campaigns and features added, the American Revolution Mod Tenth Anniversary Edition is sure to please!

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The American Revolution Mod v3.3 Tenth Anniversary Edition has been Released July 4th, 2019. Latest Patch v3.3 released July 27, 2019

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The American Revolution Mod


Tenth Anniversary Edition

Version 3.2 to version 3.3 Patch now available!

4 Time Recipient of Total War Center's Modding Awards

TAR Awards
"Most Aesthetically Pleasing Mod"

2009 - 2nd Place

2010 - 1st Place
"Favorite Mod/Overhaul"
2018 - 3rd Place - Musket Age

2019 - 2nd Place - Musket Age

This mod the result of a lot of work be a large community of artists who have crafted something very special. Prepare to immerse yourself in the struggles of a developing world. A world that not only saw the rise of a new nation, but also with that nation, a new kind of government was born that had never exist before that would revolutionize the world itself.

Download The American Revolution Mod v3.2 Tenth Anniversary Edition - Mod DB

Download The American Revolution Mod v3.3 Patch - Mod DB

The American Revolution Mod Features:
New T.A.R. Unit Skins, New Rebuilt Launcher, New Campaigns, New Graphic Enhancements,
New AI Enhancements, New Options galore, bug fixes and more!
Much, much more!

A Vast Selection Of Units
We say vast, we mean VAAAAAAST!!!
When it comes to units from America's War for Independence, T.A.R. delivers like no other.
Literally tons of new America and British Units to face off in those rebellious colonies!
All taken form the pages of history with beautiful and historically accurate uniforms.
We haven't left out other nations either as we have hundreds of new units for many nations!
Over 230 added T.A.R. units by the T.A.R. Team for the U.S., British, French, Hessian, Spanish

and UP of the American Revolution!
With 580 added units for other nations by various artists!
That's over 800 additional units!

T.A.R. Unique Campaigns:
With T.A.R. you get updated R.T.I. Episodes 3 and 4 but you also get more!

The 13 Colonies 1700 Campaign (These United Colonies):
The 13 Colonies Campaign gives the player a chance to play as the American Colonial Powers,
including French and Spanish Colonies as well as the Native Indian Tribes.
Or if the player chooses, one of the other major world powers of the period.
Britain and France also start with their territories in India as well.

The American Revolution 1775 Campaign:
The Revolution 1775 Campaign is a Grand Campaign Mod that is a major overhaul based on Episode 3.
Play as the American Rebels, Indians, the European Powers or Pirates.

The United States 1783: Campaign
The United States 1783 Campaign is a Grand Campaign Mod that is a major overhaul based on Episode 4.
Play the United States, Indians, or the other Major World Powers.

The United States 1700 Campaign:
The United States 1700 Campaign is a special "What If" Grand Campaign Mod.
It allows for play as the United States starting in the year 1700.

Indian Wars Campaign:
Based on the Warpath Campaign, this campaigns you to play as the U.S. or European Powers in addition to the Native American Tribes.

Liberty or Death! Campaigns:
Liberty or Death Campaigns are based on some of the campaigns mentioned above campaigns for select factions that feature army stacks of 30 or 40 units for truly massive battles!

Overhauled BAI and CAI:
T.A.R. 3.0 has a DarthMod AI system, tweaked for T.A.R. When war comes it will be brutal and it will be vicious.
You may find victory but you will also taste defeat!
There's also an option to Use Bran Mac Born's AI Tweaks as well!

The T.A.R. Launcher and Management System:
When you install T.A.R. v3.0 you also get the T.A.R. Launcher.
The T.A.R. Launcher's main purpose is to do everything as automatically as possible, in the easiest way possible.

Selectable Options:
The T.A.R. Launcher supports over 30 Selectable mods!
Everything from the ever popular Blood and Smoke mods to Game Play tweaks, Naval Mods, it's all there!
And that's just the selectable ones, there are tons of other mods fully integrated.

T.A.R. Diagnostics and Modding Options
For just in case...
And More!

More T.A.R. Information can be found at the Official Forums located here:

The American Revolution Mod Forums


hey just curious, if I disable sounds effects from the mod and run the General Andy's Musket Sounds submod will that cause me to have to reinstall the mod everytime I close out my ETW and the try to start it up again? Version 2.0 with the 2019 update gave me that issue, its a minor issue but still was annoying. other than that I love the mod! please don't think I was complaining lol far from it this is one of the best mods ive ever played!!

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hip63 Author

Rename it to TAR_something.pack (or even use TAR_Sounds.pack, replacing the original) and it will move with the other TAR files, see the included modding guide under modding and diagnostics.

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hey uhh now my ETW is completely broken...I did all the uninstall steps and completely wiped ETW from my system and reinstalled everything and now even Vanilla is broken. I cant start any campaign either TAR or Vanilla

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ok i know how to fix this go to users app data roaming and delete the entire creative assembly file warning this will delete all save games from all games but will save you a game to play

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When are you adding airports?

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hip63 Author


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Dear friends,

what for a wonderful Mod,a lot of many new units I've never seen before. wow, my heart skip and skip.

I've just got only one problem: first, up to the menu bars (main menu pp.)there are no script/letters; and second, in the game there are no pictures from unit cards when I click an army (all factions); and last, at the unit info there is no script/there are no letters as for unit features like "distance" or "melee" for example.

Please help,
lot of thanks,
kind regards.


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Just curious, are you up to add napoleonic style units?

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