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Finally, something for you besides new map concepts!

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Hey gang, Zach here again. So, first things first. Unfortunately, Mikkel has been extremely busy lately and hasn't had time to work on Tension. We're hopeful that he'll be able to rejoin the project at a later date, but in the meantime, the show must go on.

Therefor, we're looking to bring another team member on board. Alex and I have asked our IRL friends, but they're all wrapped up in their own stuff, so now we're putting out a call right here: we need a modeler. If you're interested, please send Alex a brief resume/portfolio/thing of some kind containing examples of your work.

Of course we need someone who knows what they're doing – if you're looking to apply, we'd prefer you have experience with all of the following:

- Be able to create models in your program of choice (3ds Max is preferred)
- Be able to animate them as necessary (experience with character animation is a huge plus)
- Be able to import models to the Source Engine as props
- Be able to set up and modify all the necessary .smd/.qc/.mdl/.vmf/.vtf/etc. files
- Be able to UV wrap/unwrap your models
- Be able to fully texture them and create normal maps/specular maps/etc.
- Be willing and able to create a variety of items, from simple chairs and doors to complex pipes and circuits to fully animated NPC models.

Once again, if you're interested, please get in touch with Alex.

So anyway, onto the update! In Mikkel's absence I've taken over texture work. It took me about a month or so to figure out what I was doing, but I finally got the hang of it, and now we've finally got some real textures for you guys to chew on instead of more dev textures. BEHOLD.

New TexturesNew TexturesNew Textures

There are more in the gallery, too!

Admittedly, these screenshots don't entirely do them justice. They also aren't all completely done (we'll probably do something a little different with the orange indicator texture, and some of the spec maps might need tweaking), and I'll probably add smaller decal textures/signs/etc. in the future, but for the most part I'm very happy with the way they turned out.

As for Alex, he's finding a bit of time to work on the project between his job and whatever else he's up to. I don't know too much about it just yet though...

So once again, if you're interested in helping us and you've got the skills, send Alex an e-mail! Otherwise, as always, feel free to comment and question. Till next time! :)



That is a mighty tall order for a modeler lol

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Meh, not really.

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In most teams I'm on our texture guy textures the models. =P

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If Mikkel cant do it, noone can :P
Na, Mikkel rulz.

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