Tatooine At War is a huge map for Battlefront II which combines Mos Eisley, Jabba's Palace and many more places into one large map. You can even fight in space or just battle your enemies on ground. There is much to explore and to see. Many assets are stock (edited), self-made, some assets were made by other modders but there are also assets from Battlefront III (cancelled game) such as Tie Fighter Models, Rebel Fighters, Player Models (Boba Fett and Han Solo) and HD weapon models.

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Um hi.

This Mod Is absolutely phenomenal. It would take all day to describe just the amount of work that went into this. This far surpasses any expectations I ever had, it shoots for the stars and lands in an entire different galaxy.
I love all the little details that you might not notice the first time playing it. Lukes homestead, Jabbas carbonite display ;) The Broken down sand crawler. Thats to name a few. And the pathing and map design is ingenious. I never saw AI's walking into walls or in a moshpit in a random corner of the map. Not once. This is so very rare in maps of this size, and is an amazing accomplishment. You never need to go for a hike to get to the Battlefront. Its always right around the corner. Aptly so given the game title. Anyways thats a brief overview of the increadable mod that is "Tatooine At War". Thank you so much for making this mod for those like myself to enjoy.


Probably the best map I've seen in a while! The unit classes are fantastic, and the inclusion of fighters adds a whole new dimension to the gameplay. The only downside is that the map's size makes it impossible to be everywhere at once!


hakr says

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Survival mode is broken! You can never change your weapon, otherwise it will disappear permanently.




FN_2199 says

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Absolutely stunning. This is one of the best mods I've ever played. This mod goes way past expectations. it has so much little things to notice - Jabba's sail barge, Luke's Farm, Jar Jar Binks frozen in carbonite, sandcrawlers, and loads more things. Some things seem to be inspired by Star Wars Battlefront (EA) like survival. and the maps are just top notch! The pathing is brilliant! I saw no AI soldier walking into walls or anything! And the T-16 Skyhopper works really well for the Race Gamemode.
This is By far one of the best mods I've ever played - 10/10. Also, since this mod is so high quality, El_Fabricio's upcoming mod should be outstanding!


Selagon says

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han solo dies



This is the greatest map I have ever seen in SWBF2, far more interesting, fun & awesome than any other official and custom maps.

But there is only one problem, the weapon config still has bugs, if you have award weapon, it would disappear (ex: if you have gunslinger, you won't have blaster pistol & precision pistol, nothing in here). I will give 10 rating if author could fix this problem.

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Um hi.

Jun 22 2016 by JimmyAngler