!! !This module does not work in Warband, only old Mount and Blade 1.011, and preferably, in Enhanced edition, if possible, as it is the most stable one for many !!!

This is a mod, of a mod, of a mod. A submod Turmoil Across the Stars, which in itself, is a submod of Star Wars Conquest. As being so, it contains a lot of content from Turmoil Across the Stars and some from Bear Force II, via good relations to their team.

This whole project started off as my own personal version of Turmoil Across the Stars, as i am a fan of many Old Republic era designs. I considered whether or not to even publish it at all for many a month, but eventually decided to go forth and do that.

IMPORTANT to note is, that as this is a submod of Turmoil Across the Stars, its problems do carry over.

So, what exacly is this mod even?

Definitely not canon.

This mod is based on fanfiction, bits of legends from here and there. It changes the timeline of events so, that Sith Empire returns into the galaxy after a millenia of waiting in the unknown space. At the time, Clone Wars are raging on, and Sith Empire takes over Confederacy of Indpendent Systems, with Dooku ending up as the new Emperor. Palpatine is killed off, and Galactic Republic starts conscripting human soldiers alongside the clone troopers to fight off the Sith empire. Likewise, Sith empire is enforced to add remanants of Confederacy's droid legions under their command.

A pretty crazy scenario.

Some of the changes in comparison to Turmoil Across the Stars Non Warband version:

- Confederacy of Independent systems is replaced by New Sith Empire (See the story in articles)

- Sith armies contain human soldiers in black armours and repainted former CIS droids

- Republic has humans in arms alongside clones, some fitted with Old Republic style armors


Star Wars Conquest developers (From ModDb, Nexusmods and official credits ingame)











And heres a few addons from Developers shown on Nexus mods

TakiJap - models, textures, rigging

pagan - music
Wookiee Padawan - models, textures

Tyrinius - scene editing

Revan Shan - textures

Here are the ones shown in Credits

Original programming and Development:

Brian Tommasini

Main programming and Coordinator:

Ismael Ferreras

Senior Modeling and Contributors:

Tim Ramsay

Yiyang Cheng

Daniel Harrington

Josh (HappyStormtrooper)

Marosh (Geroj)

Music Composition and performance:

Vladan Zivanovic

Additional Ai programming:

Michael Richter

Additional gameplay programming:

Martin F.

Original Artwork and conceptualization:

Giordano Pranzoni

Benjamin Carre

Scene Editing:

Tim Ramsay

Miguel Angel Centeno

Additional modeling:

Dustin Matthew Blamey






Special Thanks:

Marco Tarini (Openbrf)

Jack (Mechwarrior24) And Alex (Panda666) Dialog Modernization and Proofreading

Luke Challand (IthillienRanger) For the annoying questions

Scott Reismanis(Intense!) ModDb is a better place (? no further explanation)

Creators of the included mods, snippets and enhancements

1866, Gangs of Glasgow, Mount&Shotgun, MAXHARDMAN, Rubik, Gutefiutek, Hapslash

Additional credits for assets used in Clone Wars Conquest and Turmoil Across the Stars

Faradons lightsaber hilts from Bear Force II project (lead-developers permission)

Trandoshan armor we have is a combination of 2 guys work, body is by ANDEWEGET, and head by Darth Shiftee

Dariels OS Star Wars Resource pack

Bear Force II Developer Artturis shields

Bear Force II Developer Highlanders Magnaguards and Electrostaff, also rotatory blaster.

Occasional advice from Former Bear Force Lead Developer BNS Marko and lead 3d artist Exima, not to forget current Lead Developer, Mark.

And last, but not least, Turmoil Across the Stars development team, you can find us all here


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The story behind this submod


This alternative storyline strays far from Canon, so if you do not desire such, turn away now.

As return of the Sith is an major event in galactic history, time is now count by it. As a community member pointed out, Battle of Yavin does not happen so counting time by it isnt a way to go. Thus being years in timeline are marked with ROTS, as in Return of the Sith, and as BTROTS, for Before the Return of the Sith.


The Galaxy burns. Clone Wars rage on for the second year. Neither the Galactic Republic or Confederacy of Independent Systems has been able to crush one another. Clones have proven far superior fighters, capable of overcoming the vast hordes of battledroids fielded by the Confederacy.
But their hordes seem endless. The war goes on, victory seems to be only a distant dream for either faction. Hutt space has remained out of the war, attempting to profit from both sides equally.

this was all coming to an end, for another force was about to enter the Confederate space. A force that would change the whole conflict permanenetly and rewrite Galactic history.

-Late 1 ROTS

A scouting ship enters the Confederate space. No one knew what this would bring. Confederacy is quick to track it down and force it to surrender by superior numbers. Captain of invading ship requests audience with the leaders of the faction. Such is granted and a holocall between Count Dooku and the captain is established.
Soon it is clear who the outsiders are. Not an culture formerly unknown to the Galaxy. They're Sith.
For a thousand years they have awaited beyond the borders of the known galaxy. learning from the mistakes of the past they've found a way to co-exist, unified by a single motivation. Revenge. Preparing, watching the Republic weaken. Scouts were sent periodically to see in which situation the galaxy is. now had come the time to strike. A vast fleet of Sith warships enters the Galaxy, ready to conquer it and destroy anything in their path. But they had not prepared to face an enemy capable of fighting back effectively.

Count Dooku is quick to exploit this. He orders the execution of Separatist council members after theyre brought before him under the guise of negotiating with the outsiders. Many Confederate worlds soon find about of what occured. Their newly elected leaders refuse to stay in the Confederacy and the faction is divided to fortress worlds loyal to the Separatist cause and worlds supporting the newly established New Sith Empire.
Dooku realizes his chance, he reveals Palpatines betrayal to both Jedi and the Republic senate. The Jedi act swiftly, and manage to cut the still shocked Sithlord down during an failed escape attempt. The Galactic Republic is now leaderless. In the state of chaos, Republic manages to negotiate a temporary truce with the Confederate remnant, however the tensions with the 2 factions remain. Republic pulls its forces from battlefields all across the stars, as does Confederacy

-Early 2 ROTS

Meanwhile the combined force of Sith military and forces loyal to Dooku crush the Separatist worlds one by one, enforcing them back under the command of Dooku. The Sith admire the cunning and newfound brutality of the former Jedi-master, whom is declared as the new Emperor after defeating the last one in a duel. Within Months, New Sith Empire has enforced all the rebelling worlds into its ranks, and named puppet lords to lead them. Despite these campaigns being costly, they're now ready to face their eternal enemy.
Time of infighting is over. Now is time for war that would bring the Galaxy under the whim of the Sith once and for all.

But the Republic has not wasted time preparing for what is to come. Facing the realization that an old enemy has resurfaced mightier than ever and absorbed the Confederacy into itself, A new Chancellor is elected, one whom rapidly militarizes the Republic in preparation for inevitable war. The jedi reveal information about who this enemy is and soon the long forgotten stories of their brutality and destruction they bring have spread everywhere in the Republic. Facing the possibility of total annihilation, republic officials put forced consription into use, recruiting vast amounts of human civilians into the Grand army of the republic. The Jedi realize that theyre about to face an foe with vast numbers of force-sensitive warriors in their ranks. higher focus is put to combat training and many more Jedi are deployed to serve as commanders of the army, not just as generals but now also as squad leaders. By the time the New Sith Empire is ready to strike, many republic worlds have been heavily reinforced and fortified to withstand the waves of attackers.


The assault of the Sith is launched against numerous worlds simultaneously. believing that the Republic can not survive this fight, Emperor Dooku uses large amounts of his forces in these attacks. Overconfidence costs him dearly.
The Sith have suffered many casulties fighting against Confederate remnants and now their numbers are too few to overwhelm the Republic as Dooku expected. Battles rage on for months, with neither side gaining or losing significant ground. Eventually heavy fighting wears out both factions. The Sith withdraw their remaining forces and start fortifying their own worlds. Unable to break one another, the bitter fighting continues throughout the Galaxy in smaller conflicts, leading to little gain or loss. The war forms into an stalemate.

With no end in sight, Every major power across the stars prepares for years of war to come. Whispers of the chosen one are heard once again. Will an agent of light, or darkness come forth to destroy the Sith and bring balance to the force, or leave it in darkness in the ruins of the jedi temple?

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Return of the Sith- Release 1

Return of the Sith- Release 1

Full Version 4 comments

A standalone submod for Turmoil Across the Stars Non- Warband version

Potential fix for loading issues

Potential fix for loading issues

Patch 2 comments

All this file is is a bunch of textures downscaled to 1k resolution instead of 2k and higher, the reason this has been done is that some have pointed...

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DarthMongolTheUnwise Creator

Update on progress, im still working on this, as i have been for past months. There has been major changes done, almost complete rebalance of armors and weaponry, changes to a large number of battlemaps, varying from alterations to almost complete recreations.

I made an attempt at changing ship scenes, but that did not work out, as they involve some scripts that loop rapidly, causing horrible lagginess. Some smaller battlemaps have been redesigned to have plentyful objects for cover, usually boxes and structures.

Other changes involve greatly increased prizes for arena fights, up to 3000 credits and bets up to 500 credits that may allow player to get up to 20 000 credits in total prozes from tournaments. These are both intended to ease upholding large military forces, because they have been greatly increased as well.

Player gains renown much faster than before, allowing him to amass armies of hundreds by lategame. Likewise, armies of ai lords are significantly larger too.

Some changes to troops is being made aswell. Some are updated visually, others in skills and levels. These are all part of the attempt at rebalancing everything over time.

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DarthMongolTheUnwise Creator

Update on the progress on final update

My intention was to clarify the balancement of weapons and armors, as theyre currently all over the place. I decided to start by rebalancing weaponry first, i am almost through pistols. This is something that has always been very messy, and something ive never been quite content with. Basicly, my idea for balancing weapons is as follows, for pistols, the more damage a blaster makes, the more expensive it is and the less accurate it is. Weapons are ranked by tiers, to ease assigning them to troops.

For rifles, i have not yet nailed down exactly how to set their stats, but the goal is that itd be similar as for pistols, except taking into account that rifles are purposed to hit at further distances. Therefore, theyd be more expensive than pistols, to balance the increased accuracy.

For snipers and such, very long range weapons, i have a simple idea. They would be deadly and accurate, but also much more expensive. Possibly also increased weight, to make snipers more cumbersome and slower. probably also make the magazines small and reloading slow. This way, no weapon type has too much of an davantage over the other, and all remain useful throughout the game

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DarthMongolTheUnwise Creator

A few moments ago i made a post on the Turmoil Across the Stars MB 1.011 version page, about the mod being abandoned. The same fate is closing in on this one too, but my intention is to make one last update before it. long term development of these outdated and very restricted modules is no longer possible for me, i dont have the time or interest to continue. In the worst case, i wont be able to finish the update but if it comes to that, then i will at the very least publish the development version, which might have a lot of unfinished stuff included, but at least it is an update to begin with.

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Hi! Do you require downloading turmoil across the stars, or can you just download this by its self?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi, so I really wanted to play this mod and downloaded it. But i got a texture file error telling me It open couldnt open mygeeto3.dds. Please help

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
DarthMongolTheUnwise Creator

This is a common issue and there is no found solution to it. Partially the reason why MB versions of our mods are not supported by other members than me anymroe, its half pointless because of this issue.

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

DarthMongolTheUnwise Creator

So, as is in the final days of 2018, this submod hasnt gathered very much popularity, and such i was expecting. Afterall, its not a scenario that would intrest that many...

However, some further updates can be expected to come over time. In fact, quite significant changes are coming.
Using TweakMB, an tool by Kefka 95, i was able to alter some parts of the module code that drastically change some things such as numbers of troops player can command via leadership skill, rewards from tournaments and arena melee fights, upkeep of garrisoned troops and many other smaller changes. However, thete is some potential confusion caised by these changes, as theyre not always reported properly by the game.

Assetwise, there isnt as much good news. Once again, i am working on an Sith Eradicator remake (this is third time), but this time i am confident to succeed. Ive used new effective methods for producing the final mesh, and texture i am going to generate with Substance painter. Most tedious work is behind, yet much remains. I am unsure whether or not this will be done by Christmas, but ill try and make it.


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Hello! I get a texture error when entering the game: Pastenow.ru

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DarthMongolTheUnwise Creator

Oh hi Syabr, long time no see. This MB based version is fairly infamous for having that bug, there is but one thing that might help, trying to play with Enhanced edition of Mount and Blade and replacing its Exe with a modified one

Heres a link to the download of that Moddb.com

First run the installer, then once it is installed replace the Exe with one provided in download and activate the game (needs legal code)

Do not install to steam directory, pretty much anywhere else

Hope it helps

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