!! !This module does not work in Warband, only old Mount and Blade 1.011 !!

This is a mod, of a mod, of a mod. A submod Turmoil Across the Stars, which in itself, is a submod of Star Wars Conquest. As being so, it contains a lot of content from Turmoil Across the Stars and some from Bear Force II, via good relations to their team.

This whole project started off as my own personal version of Turmoil Across the Stars, as i am a fan of many Old Republic era designs. I considered whether or not to even publish it at all for many a month, but eventually decided to go forth and do that.

IMPORTANT to note is, that as this is a submod of Turmoil Across the Stars, its problems do carry over.

So, what exacly is this mod even?

Definitely not canon.

This mod is based on fanfiction, bits of legends from here and there. It changes the timeline of events so, that Sith Empire returns into the galaxy after a millenia of waiting in the unknown space. At the time, Clone Wars are raging on, and Sith Empire takes over Confederacy of Indpendent Systems, with Dooku ending up as the new Emperor. Palpatine is killed off, and Galactic Republic starts conscripting human soldiers alongside the clone troopers to fight off the Sith empire. Likewise, Sith empire is enforced to add remanants of Confederacy's droid legions under their command.

A pretty crazy scenario.

Some of the changes in comparison to Turmoil Across the Stars Non Warband version:

- Confederacy of Independent systems is replaced by New Sith Empire (See the story in articles)

- Sith armies contain human soldiers in black armours and repainted former CIS droids

- Republic has humans in arms alongside clones, some fitted with Old Republic style armors


Star Wars Conquest developers (From ModDb, Nexusmods and official credits ingame)











And heres a few addons from Developers shown on Nexus mods

TakiJap - models, textures, rigging

pagan - music
Wookiee Padawan - models, textures

Tyrinius - scene editing

Revan Shan - textures

Here are the ones shown in Credits

Original programming and Development:

Brian Tommasini

Main programming and Coordinator:

Ismael Ferreras

Senior Modeling and Contributors:

Tim Ramsay

Yiyang Cheng

Daniel Harrington

Josh (HappyStormtrooper)

Marosh (Geroj)

Music Composition and performance:

Vladan Zivanovic

Additional Ai programming:

Michael Richter

Additional gameplay programming:

Martin F.

Original Artwork and conceptualization:

Giordano Pranzoni

Benjamin Carre

Scene Editing:

Tim Ramsay

Miguel Angel Centeno

Additional modeling:

Dustin Matthew Blamey






Special Thanks:

Marco Tarini (Openbrf)

Jack (Mechwarrior24) And Alex (Panda666) Dialog Modernization and Proofreading

Luke Challand (IthillienRanger) For the annoying questions

Scott Reismanis(Intense!) ModDb is a better place (? no further explanation)

Creators of the included mods, snippets and enhancements

1866, Gangs of Glasgow, Mount&Shotgun, MAXHARDMAN, Rubik, Gutefiutek, Hapslash

Additional credits for assets used in Clone Wars Conquest and Turmoil Across the Stars

Faradons lightsaber hilts from Bear Force II project (lead-developers permission)

Trandoshan armor we have is a combination of 2 guys work, body is by ANDEWEGET, and head by Darth Shiftee

Dariels OS Star Wars Resource pack

Bear Force II Developer Artturis shields

Bear Force II Developer Highlanders Magnaguards and Electrostaff, also rotatory blaster.

Occasional advice from Former Bear Force Lead Developer BNS Marko and lead 3d artist Exima, not to forget current Lead Developer, Mark.

And last, but not least, Turmoil Across the Stars development team, you can find us all here


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Note: So far i only have confirmations for Windows 10 and 11, and both on the GOG version of the game

So, i'll keep this short. When i started playing this mod on my new laptop, it didn't work. Normally, i used enhanced edition of 1.011 Mount and Blade, but this time, that was no use. The game would crash without any error message on loading settings file.

I tried both Steam version of the game, and downloaded the game from Taleworlds site too, neither worked.

As a last straw, i thought of trying GOG version of the game (GoodOldGames), aaand, it didn't work either, RGL error while loading textures. BUT, and this is IMPORTANT. I found a solution here:

Go to the site, and find the file called CFF explorer 86. Then install it, and use it on the GOG version of the game's EXE

Right click on the game executable (image beneath) Then find the option "Edit with CFF explorer". Backup the EXE!

Next what you do, is go to File header, then Characteristics, there is a section which reads " click here" , you do that, and then you find the Checkbox "App can handle >2gb address space", click that

Then you simply press OK, save the file and congratulations, you have just made the application able to play the mod

Finally, before you can play, you should go to the mod files and delete the texture called font.dds. Font is broken, my bad. Removing that file should fix it

(It might be necessary to also remove font.xml from Data folder)

Now, when i was launching the mod myself, i got a series of Assertion errors, if you get these, just press ignore, ignore, ignore, and they should stop appearing eventually, then the game should load into main menu.

Mind you that this worked for ME, but there is no guarantee that it will work for you. But i have a feeling, that it could help for some of you

Now, i feel i need to explain specifically why it has to be the GOG version of the game. As stated, The enhanced edition crashes while loading, so that option is not available

Steam version is not an option, because you can not use CFF explorer on the exe without Steam detection the alteration, and then refusing to start the game

Taleworlds version will simply not launch, at all. Why, is anyone's best guess, but i spent a long time trying and the info i found online, implied that both Steam and GOG have modified the games somehow, to make them run. Taleworlds has not touched the game for years, so their version won't run on Win 10

Mount and Blade 16 01 2022 3 11

The story behind this submod

The story behind this submod

Feature 2 comments

I writ a short story of how it all came to this situation, as the Sith Empire just randomly being there felt slighlty random even to me

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Ignore this file

Ignore this file


Source code for this module, released as i am ending the development and shifting my interests elsewhere, including the Warband version

Ignore this file

Ignore this file

Full Version 3 comments

About to cease development of this mod version, so i am releasing it's final version and source code

Potential fix for loading issues

Potential fix for loading issues

Patch 2 comments

All this file is is a bunch of textures downscaled to 1k resolution instead of 2k and higher, the reason this has been done is that some have pointed...

Return of the Sith- Release 1

Return of the Sith- Release 1

Full Version 4 comments

A standalone submod for Turmoil Across the Stars Non- Warband version

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DarthMongolTheUnwise Creator

A while back, i tried posting an article here, which couldn't be done on mobile, the upload button literally does nothing.

So, News! And good news, indeed! Work has been going on, very well. And for quite a while. I have had to split my changelog to 3 parts on Discord

This upcoming update primarily focuses on fixing broken sieges above anything else. That, is a major priority. Other than that, it includes some new outfits, makes recruitment of species from homeworlds possible, changes to maps, fixes to audio files, major overhauls to starter classes, new and fixed animations and much, much more

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thank you we wait patiently.

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DarthMongolTheUnwise Creator

Some news for you folks. After a fan of the mod showed up to our Discord, i got sucked in to taking it for a spin too, mostly out of nostalgia. I discovered that i couldn't run it on my new laptop, as it is windows 10 OS. But, i found a solution. Funnily enough,that ended up being getting the game via GoG, and using CFF explorer to LAA the game exe... a detailed story below

First, i tried just regular MB 1.011 via Steam, ran to the problem of it crashing while loading textures, a memory leak issue.

Next i tried what i usually do, Enhanced edition with a LAA'd exe. To my surprise, this too failed, crashing when it reaches loading settings, something that never occured before on my old PC.

I was getting a little desperate, so i downloaded base MB 1.011 directly from Taleworlds site, but that didn't even launch at all! Apparently, it's not working on Win 10, from what i found googling the matter.

As a last ditch effort, i bought the game via GOG and LAA'd the exe, which i first thought to have failed too, running into some assertion error in loading settings

BUT! That was not the case! The error pop up had three options, abort, retry and ignore. Just for the hell of it, i pressed ignore. Then it loaded another such error. And another. And another. Abput 7-9 times the window popped up, i just kept ignoring them all, and then... it just loaded into main menu. A success, at last

Now when i got in, i saw the font was broken, which i fixed by deleting font.dds from textures folder. Apart from that, it has run fine ever since, and i continued updating it, primarily for myself, but, this might materialise into an updated version later

I'm telling this to you, because i know many have struggled to get the mod running, and this presents an possibility, i never knew was there

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1. Run 1011_setup_enhanced and pick a Directory for the Game/Install.
2. Unzip 1866_RESSURRECTED.1 and...
("...copy: font_data.xml from Data folder and copy all 373 textures from the Texture folder into your directory")
To be clear... I replaced the font_data.xml file in my Enhanced Install's Data Folder, with the font_data.xml file from 1866's Enhanced Install's Data Folder.
As well as replacing the textures like he said.
3. Place the Return of the Sith Module into your Install's Module Folder.
4. Remove the Font.DDS file from the Textures Folder within Return of the Sith.
5. Place the 4gb_patch into the primary Directory for the Game, run the patch, and select the primary Mount&Blade; Application for it to affect.

I utilize this method to have a stable install with Native, 1866 and Return of the Sith all functioning side by side. I've been wanting to play this mod for a month, and almost gave up until I saw that you posted...
Remove the Font.DDS file from the Textures Folder
...and that was all I needed to make everything else work. Thank you so much for this mod, all of your hard work and patience.
I hope this post is helpful for you and others.
~Stay Awesome~

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DarthMongolTheUnwise Creator

It's been a while since i posted anythibg here, so, news.

Things... have not exactly gone as well as i had hoped they'd go. While develoment went ahead well, during the summer heat working was unbearable. Then my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, and passed away 8 days later. As such, i have not worked on much related to this mod for about last 2 months. A few new items were crafted, including a Trandoshan rifle and a revamp of the old gasmask asset. Codewise, if i recall right,last i worked on, was better starter classes,now the choice actually matters.

Around last 3 weeks or so, i have spent my modding time helping a fella called tocan, working on his post apocalyptic project as a scener/level designer, change is sometimes good for not letting a long time project become too boring and stale to work on

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may she rest in peace, stranger.

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DarthMongolTheUnwise Creator

Update on progress

I have good news concerning this project. Thanks to the help of an fellow Star Wars fan and modder, Antonis, we now have usable source code for this module. Further, while we attempted to continue work on MB 1.011, we ran into so many issues and limitations, which frustrated us greatly.

As a result of these, we ended up deciding to move the project to Warband engine, onto the base of SWC:TNO, thanks to the acceptance of Khamukkamu.

Now, this means that main focus has shifted to Warband, but the MB version is not quite dead, yet. I contemplated releasing it as it is, but wouldn't want to push it out just like that, as so unfinished, particularly on maps. Yet, that might be precisely what i'll end up doing. Time will show

Either way, the work on WB version is going well, despite some setbacks and slowdowns

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DarthMongolTheUnwise Creator

Further update on this, MB version is back in active development, and can be expected to reach an release within a month. I am optimistic that this is reachable with current set goals

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man I haven't played the original MB for a long time but ill definitely play for this

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DarthMongolTheUnwise Creator

Unfortunately, the mod's development was halted for the summer due to too much work irl and laptop deciding to die, kinda yeeted my morale back then. I got a new laptop since, and since it is vastly better than my old PC, i got stuck playing with it instead of going back to my old desktop machine to continue modding.

I'll get back to it eventually, but i do not know when exactly. Ever so often my thoughts drift back to it, but man... It's hard to go back to the potato. Not the least reason is that it heats my room like a overglorified stove, not ideal in summertime

Anyways, the progress has still been good, and in fact, a key solution to a long time problem, of mega laggy spacestation battlemaps, was found

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