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Light emiting objects- like lightsabres? (Games : Mount & Blade : Mods : Star Wars Conquest : Forum : Suggestions : Light emiting objects- like lightsabres?) Locked
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May 31 2012 Anchor

I'm curious- is it possible to get weapons, such as lightsabres, to emit light? The thought occured to me when playing TEARC for Warband, as some of the "hero weapons" in the mod emit light around them. I'm not sure if that's Warband specific capability (I guess it would be though) but I thought it would look quite good on the sabre weapons.

Is this sort of thing possible?

May 31 2012 Anchor

To my knowledge, it is possible only in Warband.


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Jun 6 2012 Anchor

That's right, the operation exists but is bugged, and if you use a light emitting weapon in the inventory the game will crash, irremediably.
At the moment all our holograms cast colored lights. That's all we can do until the expansion. :)

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Jun 6 2012 Anchor

Ah, had a feeling it was Warband specific. Looking forward to the next version!

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