Star Wars Conquest is a Mount&Blade; module which transforms a medieval world into the far, far away galaxy... with the same premises than the original game, this module offers an open sandbox where the player can do anything he wants. Based on a Galactic map and hundreds of planets.

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Oct 10 2012 Anchor

Hello mod team! I registered here just for writing this comment, and I wish to say that you have done incredible job with this mod, making childhood dreams of exploring the galaxy, dueling Darth Vader and all that stuff come true, so thanks!:)
Still, I have few complaints. I know that this is just the preview version and that Mount and Blade engine isn't that powerfull, but even thougth I may sound harsh sometimes, still most of the mod is absolutely top quality, so let's begin.

Good things:
- Vector is truly a great artist, and such planets as Kashyyk, Christophis etc. (too many to count) are truly some stunning job. When walking around Taris or Nar Shaddaa you really have that metropolis feel, and cantinas in Naboo and Mandalore are a real pleasure to the eye, so that's done perfectly.
- New animations are cool and work. People drinking in the bar, enemies jumping to the air when killed and so on. Excellent work, and makes the world feel more alive.
- New quests and other stuff like pazaak and assassination missions give the game depth the original M&B, or even Warband didn't have. You really have other things to do in the world except just conquering planets, and that's a big plus.
- Characters from the EU and the movies are a good insert to the game, althought Obi-Wan's eyes are somewhat weird, Kyle Katarn could be more white skinned and Luke really needs a face skin like Leia or Tarkin. Other heroes are done really well.
- Music is badass.
- New shaders and models kick ass!
- Gameplay is overral solid and a lot more fun than the original M&B (when the game's working proberly).

Bad things and bugs:
- Coruscant's landing area really sucks. I hope it's just a bug I have or under construction, but at least in my game it's just some rocky, empty and overly massive field with barrack like buildings surrounding it. It could be more like Nar shaddaa or something, now it's just bad. Also making Tatooine just an empty desert isn't a good idea. I'd rather take the old Revan tatooine scene than the current one. Some minor planets with nothing more than a few palm trees and a mysterious flying door are also pretty lame. I hope these are just some acknowledged beta version stuff.
- Isn't it funny how many planets have the exactly same office as counselor Palpatine? On some planets it's not too bad, but planet's like Tatooine, Mustafar and Naboo would really benefit from their own main halls, that Palpatine office belongs to the city planets. Yavin IV main hall is otherwise good, but I'd add some more technology stuff there and a few more galaxy maps.
- Cantinas are mostly done well, but there are few that I find incomplete. Manaan cantina could feel more "Manaan" and the famous Tatooine cantina could be a bit smaller and "tighter".
-Althought I previously praised Vectors scenes (and I still do), there are few scenes like Bespin that would need some detail to the ground level, not just backround. Also, scenes like those are a bit too large and empty. This maybe of course to make battles work better, so if that's the case, then it's ok.
- I'd change some dialogue. Calling commanders vassals doesn't mind me too much, but first time meeting Yoda, and him threatening to usually cut people's throats just cracked me up. In The Last Days mod dialogue was modified, so I would do it in this mod too.
- (These are based on quick battle matches, so they may not occur in "normal" battle scenes) In some battle scenes like Felucia and Dantooine armies spawn is totally random places. In Kahsyyk battle scene player spawns to the treetop and in Tatooine scene armies spawn too close to each other.
- When firing a rifle, there comes that annoying flash of light. I would remove that flash effect or at least make it unnoticable.
- When playing long enough, the game crashes to the desktop when trying to enter the planet scene. When starting again, game works until it crashes again after about same amount of time as the last time (about 20-30 mins)
- I can't explore my ship because it crashes to the desktop.

- In many tournament scenes player and other participants spawn all over the place, outside the arena or to the lava.
- At least Felucia and Geonosis battle scenes need the original M&B topographics cleaned out.

There's some stuff. I possibly post some suggestions later. Keep up the good work, and live long and prosper! Hey wait, that was a Star trek reference! Damn.

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Oct 24 2012 Anchor

Hej, they made zabrak horns. I think horns need some new face because old don't really pass. Do you think that the galaxy is smaller despite the addition of new planets? is great!

Swyter Dream your Life      Live your Dreams
Nov 3 2012 Anchor

Wohoho! Great write-up.

Already added the following things from your report:

-From now on personalities/reputations are assigned depending on faction, for example, only Imperial commanders can be sadistic or cruel,
Vector says he's going to proofread a bit the dialogs. I'm not native speaker, so it's a bit hard for this poor spaniard.
-Stylistic corrections for dialogs, vassal=>commander, and some fief=>planet.
-Removed delayed muzzleflare from rifles.
-Visit the ship for hutt aligned players is fixed for good.


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Nov 4 2012 Anchor

Ok thanks, happy to help! :)

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Tezumina Honorary Sandwich
Jan 25 2013 Anchor

Hey guys do you think it would be a good idea to remove pressing tab whilst in a scene to travel? What i mean is, i think it would bring more deph to the game if we actually had to go to the vendors and travel to the chambers and prisons ourselves, otherwise the game gets a bit samey and boring in that context......just wondering if anyone was of similar opinion, or could tell me how to do it myself :)

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