The scenario is simple: Save your own skin and get to the surface. Based in Black Mesa, you get to see a small part of the underground facility and even a quick trip to Xen, if you look in the right place.

TheUnbeholden says

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Short but sweet. Though it was a bit head scratching to have the aliens appear behind you silently in beginning, it wasn’t at all hard.
There where some invisible walls, one of which was pointless, the rest merely would have trapped you so I understand why he put them there but I am always against them, Players punish themselves for jumping down into a pit that clearly has no way out.
Its very much like a part of Black Mesa, with the low light storage area grey walls, with the catwalk, pipes and electrical systems making it look like a industrial area.
I always like having to fight with knowledge of a way up to the surface.
Some backtracking is used well to make the map last longer and its never to long, and I liked the beginning how it builded up to the enemy encounter, made me pay attention to level design and feel the tension it gives off.

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