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Super mod - a harsh realism of the war of the future: blood, screams of the dying and powerful and merciless breaks energy-projectiles and railgun shots.You will find yourself in a real war of the future! This is a very cruel mod! added new vehicles and weapons! New HUD! In the gameplay added atomic weapons-a neutron grenade and a flamethrower ! Setting in C: \ Games \ Battlefield 2142 \ mods

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Road to 2144 Extra Mod


The main feature of the mod is the realism of fighting.

Tanks with liquid hydrogen and thermonuclear reactors are destroyed.

Now type 4 soldier instead of two.

Added new soldiers of the Pan-Asian Coalition - fighters of political troops.

Added 10 new types of weapons, each soldier has its own version of the combat knife.

One of the combat knives can generate an invisibility field.

The machine gunner has a minigun and a flamethrower.

Added a new energy shield for the sniper that you can shoot through.

The sniper can fly.

The Engineer has a new Offensive Poison Gas Chemical Grenade.

Grenades are now unusually powerful and have a new explosion effect.

The orbital strike has become more powerful.

Added 6 new units of military equipment: assault tank Mammoth, two heavy combat gunships, two anti-aircraft vehicles, and a new vehicle.

In ground guns and jeeps

with the X button, you can turn on the invisibility field, if you exit at the same time, then you will become invisible.

Electromagnetic grenades now have a double hitting effect - shock and electromagnetic wave at once.

Bots have become smarter and shoot further - now this is a real war simulator!

BF2142  Super Mod

BF2142 Super Mod


Izvestia The pan-Asian Coalition is being reorganized into the United Nations Strategic Integrated Coalition (hereinafter referred to as CICON).

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Battlefield 2143 Super Mod

Battlefield 2143 Super Mod

Full Version 6 comments

But now it's a brand new game with new hand weapons, new tanks and robots. The firepower of new weapons and vehicles goes far beyond what we've seen before...


is this mod abandoned ?

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There is already something much better. Read the description under the video -

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