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Preangerstelsel civ. Unique means to improve economy.

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The fall of Pajajaran Kingdom did not mark the end of Sundanese hegemony. Although western Parahyangan fell to the Bantenese and the north-eastern to Cirebon, most of the southern counties remained independent. In 1585 the Kingdom of Sumedang Larang broke from Cirebon, marking the birth of a new Islamic Sundanese kingdom.

In SoI, Priangan civilization is led by Pangeran Suria Kusumah Adinata, a descendant of Sumedang royal family. By the time, Priangan was a collection of small princely states rather than a kingdom. Suria Kusumah Adinata, the count of Sumedang, was the richest among all counts, nicknamed Pangeran Sugih. Here is Priangan, the origin of the cultuur-stelsel.


Kumetir, a strong heavy cavalry with unique function in Priangan civ.

Priangan belongs to the Javanese culture set, sharing many similar building with the Central Javanese kingdoms. However Priangan also differs in many aspects. Its uniqueness are:

  • Aging up requires a new coffee plantation to be built. Thus Priangan receives coffee plantation rather than mill and plantation.
  • Improves gathering rate by training Kumetirs. Each kumetir increases all villager gathering rate by 10%. Priangan does not have access to economic upgrade technologies.
  • Preangerstelsel: warga trickles coin whilst working.


Priangan unique HC cards

Beside gameplay differences, Priangan also differ from other Javanese culture civs by the means of unique units:

  • Caraka, a light archer with wide LOS
  • Kujang, a fast swordsman
  • Somah, short ranged musketeer with area damage
  • Sentana, strong mounted rifleman which can only be accessed with a Sundanese native alliance
  • Kumetir, which increases gathering rate
  • Domba Garut, livestock with damage
  • Windu Kuningan, unlimited source of XP

There is also one unique building; Saung, which is a post with damage.


Priangan has two royal edicts: Pajajaran Legacy and Surakartan Territory. However each of them allows further specification.

Pajajaran Legacy, which boosts economy and HP, unlocks:

  • Bandung: town center spawns building wagon
  • Garut: unlock Domba Garut and boost livestock gathering

Surakartan Territory, which boosts military upgrades, unlocks:

  • Tasikmalaya: boost Kumetir
  • Sumedang: unlock Windu Kuningan, boost cavalry


Left to right: Somah, Kumetir, Sentana

Due to its uniqueness, Priangan is a late game civ. It is both economically and militarily prone in early ages. It also becomes stronger in certain map with Sundanese native settlement, such as in Parahyangan map.

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