Within the darkness between the stars a rift has been opened in the fabric of space and time to melt the gameplay of space-fighter-adventures from the 90s with the action of Unreal Tournament and bring them back to our galaxy. Choose from a variety of fighters and bombers, fit them out with lasers and missiles and fly attack runs on enemy convoys and gigantic warships. Defend your carrier against torpedoes and bombers. Attack turrets and subsystems to weaken enemy warships before your bombers begin their final torpedo-run. Now get your gear and report to the hangar deck, pilot! Your mission awaits you…

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Here comes the may-update with new screenshots, features, music and Robot Guns!

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First of all, I want to introduce samGwise as the first musical crew member of my little project.
Welcome aboard! He has made a fine piece of music and gave me the permission to use it for the mod, tune it on here on ModDB:


So, what is new in the Mod?
First of all I want to introduce the Sentinel Robot Gun System, a stationary robot that can be equipped with a different set of weapons such as lasers against small but fast fighter crafts and missiles against larger but slower ships. In the first mission I have made, these ones defend a Space Supply Depot.

Sentinel Robot

The first mission? I have just completed the "Training Course" as the first playable mission introducing you to the basic elements of the mod such as Pickups, different types of missiles, automatic defence turret, how to take out the weapons of larger spaceships and navigating through an asteroid field using the rocks for cover.

carrier group 2 Missile hit!

I upgraded the larger spaceships:
Their laser arrays can now be disabled. This makes it more easier to proceed and allows you to disarm the vessel without destroying it to save ammo.
The turrets of larger spacecraft now try to shoot down enemy torpedoes and missiles heading towards them.

Next thing to do: Building a hangar deck for ship selection.


When it will relase?

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