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This is the most stupid, arrogant mod ever. How brain-dead do you have to be to make a mod FRENCH ONLY - Thus excluding every non-french-speaking person?

Im russian, and would never make a mod in the russian language.

Goddamit this makes me angry. We had english in school since the third grade, and everybody can translate texts well enough for a mod. For ***** sake Stargate is originally in english itself.


I want to play this so bad!!! But I speak English, not French. Please add an English patch!!! I want to love this mod, but I don't because I can't UNDERSTAND it. Please, Please share this mod with everyone, not just one small group.


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I have rated this 1, because for some reason the creators decided that only french people should be able to play this mod.

Hi there,
just a small word :
This mod was (and is still) developped by French people, most of them don't speak english (or another languages).

The mod is still in Beta, and they began to develop it in French prioritarly, an english patch is on his way.

We have a board, where i havn't see one of yours, coming to ask for the patch...

The games was made first for french players, then, we have some germans, which come to the board and ask for a language patch...and we gave them the patch cause they ask us to make a translation...

So, before complaining here, come to our board and ask, it's easy and we can make any translation needed if you want to play with us...

And if we can't understand your language, you're free to contact an admin (or dev) to find a way to make your language integrated (with some little help in other langugages than FR, EN or GER).

Now we have several peoples which plays in their own languages.

Have Fun and See you Soon In Space :)

Well there ******* lazy to change it to English so 1 is all there gitting why the **** make an English show to a mod in FRENCH ONLY?

Y U NO translate this mod to more popular language, maybe to English?
I love SG, and SG mods, but this ridiculous idea to language.... 10/5.
U r crazy if U don't make an english patch.


The lowest point! Sorry but nonFrench cant play this mod!!!


Mod vraiment amusant!
And this isn't for English peeps, so why you guys are you reviewing it even if you don't understand anything of it? Just GTFO!


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