Sons of War is a total conversion for the greatest RTS of all times, StarCraft. It’s being developed by SC fans for SC fans, without looking for any monetary profit or fame: we do so because we love our game and want to do something in return. A community project started in September 2006, SoW has evolved from a teen dream to a solid project with solid bases: modding capabilities and limits, cinematic scripts, storyline, unit design and other features have been reviewed intensively to make this a simple, yet elegant and astounding product.

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SgtHK is back, now as project director: The mod is alive again!

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So. Some time ago, Sons of War kind of fell apart. A core group of members remained. I personally pledged to keep working, that there would always be something of Sons of War around, that I would go on with the cinematics. Well, obviously I haven't made much progress. But now, everything has changed. We have a leader again, we have a new sense of purpose, we're recruiting....

SgtHK is back.

SgtHK wrote: Almost two and a half years ago, with the hopes of an SC2 fading away, a small band of little known people from challenged fate and attempted to make an SC2 of their own. And thus, StarCraft: Sons of War was born. From its seemingly humble beginnings, Sons of War (SoW) grew into a diverse collection of talented people who excell in skills such as Mapping, Modding, Storyline Writing, Concept Sketching, Sound Editing, and 3d Graphics Design and Animation.

The project stood strong for more than 2 years, even the light of SC2 didn't break the team's will to continue forward. But in the last 7 months, when our project leader ITSTORRASQUE4U suddenly left the team , the project progress rate came down so low that it nearly screeched into a halt, with the active member list dropping to only 2-3 members; many from the public theorized that the project was dead for good. But now, under new leadership, Sons of War has been reborn! Iit continues on its progress where it left off and is now rising back to its original glory.

But although most of the people who were called back in have returned, we are in need of new blood to get the project done. And with the newly found optimism of the project members, nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing new recruits ready to help out. So this is an announcement thread AND a recruitment thread.

We have prioritized the skills we need based on what we currently require for the project right now.

1st Priority: Map Terrainers - The mapping dept. is in dire need of map terrainers and triggerers alike. Half of the maps still need to be tested and and a third of the total maps still have yet to be made.

2nd Priority: Modders and Sprite-Makers - There are still units sprites that are currently undone.

3rd Priority: Voice Actors and Sound Editors- Very little had been done for the in-game unit quotes and cinematic voiceovers and special FX. We're gonna need talented voice and sound artists for the game developlent and cinematics department teams alike.

4th Priority: 3d Modelers and Graphics Artists - So far we only have 3 people working on the CGI cinematics. Every extra hand we get will make our lives alot more easier (and faster)

For anyone who wants to join the team, send me a PM along with some personal info and a sample of your work relating to the job you want to do.


(Yeah, this was supposed to be posted on Christmas, but I was in an airport, and the wifi was bad, and.... Anyway, yeah.)

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