Overpopulation on Earth and a severe lack of resources led to a global crisis without precedents in the history of mankind. New technologies have allowed numerous advances and have provided us with different ways of exploiting natural resources for generations. But we seemed to forget that everything has a price, and always something has to give... After it all became critical, the remaining nations of the world created the Global Governments Alliance, which pushed forward a Space Colonization Project, being the S.T.A.R. 1088 Harvester Spaceship a part of it. However, its fate becomes compromised when something crashes against the hull causing a global system failure, rendering the whole spaceship inoperational and out of control, leaving everybody stranded under a complete lockdown. Prepare for an unforgiving journey across 'the mother of all ships' while struggling against the odds to send a signal in hopes help arrives.

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HUD - Date 10.23.2012

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Heads Up Display system demo. Some stuff is outdated though, but this is the basic concept.
Watch with better quality and annotations here: