Battle through the Star Wars Saga from the Beginning of the galaxy to the End of the Legacy Era, with over 10 fractions like the Old Republic, the Galactic Republic, the Sith and much more! Using your favourite ships and ground troops to conquer the galaxy like the Malevolence and it's devastating ion cannon, Delta Squad , the Executor and much more!

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Hello and we have a new mod 100 times BETTER than the old one

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Hello, as you know this is a new mod. First of all, this mod will contain everything in the STAR WARS HISTORY. You will be able to play with your favourite fractions. They are the Old Republic, Galactic Republic, Galactic Empire, Imperial Remnant, Sith, Seperatists, Rebel Alliance, and the New Republic. (There might be more!) Again this is Galactic Conquests not Campaign. DO NOT PALY CAMPAIGN OR YOUR COMPUTER WILL CRASH OR EXLPODE!!!! I do not want to see comments like "I will play campaign and hope my computer will exlpode" I you really want to blow it up kick it. (Really do not do that because if you do that means you are OFFICALLY NUTS)

I will have a update tommorow so stay tuned and Goodbye for now

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