Star Wars: Contrition is a Persistent World set in the Knights of the Old Republic Era for Neverwinter Nights: Diamond. Contrition uses new content generated by the community to create a never-before seen quality in Star Wars roleplaying servers. Contrition is an open sandbox world where players can engage in their own stories with others, creating a rich and dynamic world where you live in the Galaxy. Contrition is dedicated to creating an authentic experience, with various worlds to explore and different classes you can take to build your character, based off the Neverwinter Nights game engine.

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A post-mortem Explaining what happened to Contrition, and the future of Star Wars in Neverwinter Nights

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Five years ago, Star Wars Contrition launched on Neverwinter Nights 1. In those five years since, Contrition went through one wild ride as it suffered setbacks, saw advancements, and settled into a routine of being on and off. The project had times where it was undergoing major reconstruction, and sometimes even going for trying to make something else on another game. In the end, Contrition persisted, but never as I really wanted it to.

Many of you might have come by this page and wondered, "What happened? Where's the mod?" Contrition was one of my first projects with Neverwinter Nights, and in development as a whole. I learned how to program on NWScript and built something on content that had come before. Due to time constraints, difficulties with harder logic issues, and a general uncertainty where the module was heading, the project, as it was, has died. There have been several re-attempts to revive it, the latest one being trusted in the hands of creative and lovely individuals, but the project was doomed from the start, as it was, simply put, held together by duct-tape.

I regret that I may have put too much time into trying to solve a simple problem with a nuclear device. In an effort to try and rebalance the server, I embarked on not one, but two major rebuilds that would try to better integrate Star Wars d20 into the server's mechanics. The project was incredibly daunting, and was unable to be completed. I should have put more effort into furthering the actual entertainment value of the module, and fixing what was there. Instead, the playerbase dwindled, most likely due to the fact that a rebuild meant a wipe, and a wipe would make anything done on the module before then a futile effort.

For those who still want a source for Roleplay in Neverwinter Nights, and the Star Wars Legends universe, there is yet another. A true, spiritual successor to Contrition. Star Wars Sovereignty, a new NWN1 project based on the ideas of Contrition but with a better execution. Sovereignty is Dice-based, instead of relying on the mechanics of a fundamentally imbalanced game, and works to focus entirely on Roleplay, by taking inspiration from the old Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy roleplay servers from 2005 and on.

I wish the project well and hope it can succeed where Contrition could not. While I am uncertain whether or not the project will be posted to ModDB anytime soon, I thought it was best to inform everyone watching this project that the torch has been passed, and there is still yet hope to join in that elusive Galaxy, far, far away.

I want to thank each and every one of those who were a fan of this project, as your support really helped compel me to become better at development, better at understanding what it takes to develop a project, either a Mod or a game itself, and knowing what it takes as I go forward.

At some point in the future I do plan on trying to repair the last version of my Contrition so that it may be run on any server. The day that is set up, I will post it to this mod entry for all to have, though I do not know when that will ever be.

For now, feel free to get your Star Wars Roleplay kick with Sovereignty. The project isn't complete just yet, but I know all the support can really help make it an easier journey to completion!

Thank you,

- The Helmed Raven

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