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Another topic about comming update to this mod which can make you more interested in this mod.

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This topic will be mostly about my new gamemode 1vs1 which can give familiar experience from TFU, but here you can choose side.
Every hero have 100000 HP it means you will have much longer fun during fight there won't be any turrets, vehicles, local sides
only you and enemy. Also I've changed lightsaber blades colors and effects, for example you have blue lightsaber then sparks after
attack will blue, you will can hear different music for characters on maps.

Hero list
- Starkiller (Galen Marek)
- Lord Starkiller
- Boba Fett
- Shaak Ti
- Darth Vader
- Kento Marek
- Shadow Guard
- Luke Skywalker Pilot
- Emperor -soon
- Yoda
- Anakin
- Obi Wan
- Ben Kenobi

- Kashyyyk Kento Marek vs Vader
- Coruscant Starkiller vs Lord Starkiller
- Dagobah Luke Skywalker Pilot vs Vader
- Death Star Darth Vader vs Starkiller
- Felucia Shaak Ti vs Starkiller
- Naboo Starkiller vs Shadow Guard
- Polis Massa Starkiller vs Shadow Guard
- Kamino Darth Vader vs Starkiller
- Mustafar Anakin vs Obi Wan
- Mos Eisley Ben Kenobi vs Lord Starkiller
- Jabba Palace Boba Fett vs Lord Starkiller
- Utapau Ben Kenobi vs Lord Starkiller
- Yavin 4 Luke Skywalker Pilot vs Lord Starkiller

screenshot 0003

screenshot 0006


screenshot 0009

Also I have changed CIS side on BF3 droid which are converted by Gisteh and SBD and RC B1 by Raigiku. I've fixed Grenade problem for Rifleman at CIS if you noticed that.
On hunt mode you can play as based on Republic Commando droids and geonosians, soon I will add also Trandoshans and on more maps you will be can play. Most important thing fixed Jango fett
from headless to working model. Also weapons have new models converted by my, you can play as new heroes like Durge, Ventress and Pre Vizsla.

screenshot 0011

screenshot 0012 2

screenshot 0013

screenshot 0014


1. Will the Emperor walk instead of float?
2. Are all super droid units going to have rocket arms or are those for specific SBD units?

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NoBody20026 Author

Emperor yes and sbd yes

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You mean all supers will have that arm cannon? If so, is there a similar model without it somewhere?

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NoBody20026 Author

All sbd will have but I will add maybe aerial then will be normal BF3 model

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Wow the Geonosis Hunt Mode is incredible, I absolutely love how you gave each member of Delta Squad unique voices

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NoBody20026 Author

I have in plans to give their voices to commands but then custom sounds will doesn't work on Kahyyyk and Felucia but something I will try

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