Star Wars Battlefront III Legacy Era Mod is a massive standalone expansion to the existing Battlefront III Legacy mod, bringing the features and content from the cancelled Star Wars Battlefront III to as many pre-existing maps and mods as possible.

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This is a decent alternative to the main Legacy mod for those who don't wish to install it and would rather just play with some new sides on familiar maps and modes.


very good

best era mod Ive played so far

The mod plays wonderfully. It's what BFIII could have been but on my favorite maps from BFII. I likey


I say its a good mod, but the developers aren't good people.


Love it. Models are cool, backgrounds of maps are improved by adding destroyers in the background. Crashed ships added to maps. Remaster maps work with it too nothing to complain here. I hope a space version can be added and maybe more armor color options for the republic.

A really fun and enjoyable version of the Battlefront III legacy mod. I decided to honestly review it as my review from the other day was not fair or justified at all and acted out was ****** off in the moment. It was not constructive at all. I personally have played it quite a bit and enjoyed the many different changes the mod has to offer. The classes for the most part stay the same with a few added extras along with changes to the vanilla maps that really make the battlefield feel even more alive. Personally Kamino is my favorite map from the mod as the two capital ships in the sky make it feel like something out of the new Battlefronts. Both sides are well balanced but I feel like there could be more unique gameplay for both sides.




This mod is perfect for playing battlefront 2 in a way that allows you to play differently on the classic maps you love in both a challenging yet similar way of playing from before.


yo why did the other dude give it a 4

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