The flames of war have spread far across the Galaxy, as more and more worlds are engulfed by the conflict between the waring factions. Nearly all planets feel the heat of battle, conflicts span the galaxy from Coruscant to Hoth. Battle for the Galaxy: Now is your chance. Wage war as the idealistic CIS, or the peacekeeping Republic. The resourceful Rebel Alliance, or the evil Galactic Empire. Make good use of your forces, and heroes. Lead vast legions of stormtroopers into the fray with the powerful Lord Vader or battalions of clones with Master Yoda. Fight on wild and exotic planets such as the icy wastes of Hoth to the wet and muddy world of Jabiim. Fight the battles you want, alter Star Wars history, or re-live it. You decide. Your battle for the galaxy is about to begin.

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Heavy Missle Platform
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Joy :)

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The Heavy Missile Platform (HMP) was a droid
gunship deployed by the Confederacy of Independent
Systems during the Clone Wars. It was based off of
the design of the older Mechanized Assault Flyer.
An HMP gunship's standard weapons
configuration consisted of 2 laser cannon turrets,
1 medium laser cannon, 2 light laser cannons, and
14 missiles.

The gunship's modular wings allowed the HMP
to carry a wide variety of ordnance, from
concussion bombs and torpedoes to electromagnetic
pulse missiles. Seven missile launchers were
located on either side of the gunship's main
body, below the large aft-mounted disc housing the
reactor core. The HMP's repulsorlift would
steadily drive the gunship in flight, allowing for
stable shooting in battle.

Model donated by: Rockon12
Skin by: Yoda

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