This mod is a total conversion based upon the Star Trek universe for the tactical fleet simulator game Nexus - The Jupiter Incident. There are 11 playable races since the release of the 1.4 version. These races are: Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Borg, Cardassians, Dominion, Breen, Species 8472, Sona, Ferengi and Remans each with their own ships and weapons. This is a long term project.

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Hello fellow trekkies

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The much awaited 1.4 version is here! This version is by far the best one yet. Many ships have a lot more detailed textures, all weapons have been rebalanced, some have received new graphics and sound effects, ships' hulls have been rebalanced and a few new ships added. This version also features a new race, the Remans, with some all new graphics effects for their feared Scimitar class warbird. Many bugs from the previous version have been fixed, including the AI cloak issue and the shields not going up in multiplayer in the case of cooperative against the AI game types. For a complete changelog, make sure you guys read the readme very very carefully. I've also included a strategy guide, which will help players get more familiar with the tactics required to play and win using this mod.

For the 1.5 I hope to add a few more stations, improove the effects for pulse weapons and finish the tooltips for all the devices in multiplayer. If any of you guys want to help me with making icons for the ships that lack them, pls contact me via PM or email.

Also the plans for the campaign are well under way, I'm gonna make a campaign centered around an Akira class vessel, in the time of the Dominion War, based upon the Swiftfire series of books. I hope I can start working on this campaign after the release of 1.5 which I estimate will be out in one or 2 months tops. As I said before, this is a long term project and there are still tons of work to do. I hope you enjoy the 1.4 and provide me with much needed feedback and bug reports.

Until next time, live long and prosper!


Absolutely excellent! More feedbak once i've downloaded and tried it though :P

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