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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Particle Paradise(!) 2.2 is THE NEW PP mod for 2013. Continuing the already development, this mod features the absolute biggest amount of high quality particles out in the open zone. Over 1000 NEW particles and a development history of now 4 and a half years this mod brings the zone to your monitor like you have never seen. Bursting effects, anomaly's blasting artefacts out. If you like to have a dangerous but beautiful zone, this mod is for you. This mod will be updated when there is new contend, so stay tuned for more and more!

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Fellow stalkers, some of you dont like some aspects of my mod, so i am going to address ALL of your ideas in this article to even enhance my mod more :)

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Leonskida wrote: leonskida,
10hours 49mins ago says:

Game working great, playing on extreme setting, one problem though, some of the guns are fetching 9000 rubles from siderovitch. Also boars hoofs are fetching thousands, is this right or a glitch? That aside these are the most stunning graphics i have seen in stalker, well done and keep it coming.

This is easily fixed in the next patch, i was more busy with making the particles less intensive on the CPU.

For the particles and everyone who encounters lag, I did a recent discovery, the Xray engine, stalkers engine, uses a different method of calling the particles than CS and CoP engines do. I am not 100% sure, but ive tested it several times. When i increase the size of the particles.xr, were all the particles are stored in, the game can lagg because it has to search trough thousands of new folders and library entities. ill try to compensate the lag with a enormous particle "cut". I will cut all the particles for the level editors and i will release 2 versions, a editors edition and a Gamers edition (Hopefully without the lag)

14hours 10mins ago says:

Hey I was wondering, what option would I need to change in order to lower the bloom/DoF effect when using your user file? I find it a bit too distracting as it seems to constantly readjust itself.

Frosty79 wrote: Frosty79,
Jan 30 2012, 12:03pm says:
wesome mod, breathtaking visuals, i forgot to shoot those first enemies because i was so amazed by the great graphics.

I have only one comment, i got a bit sick because the over usage of motion blur, is there any way to turn it down a notch or disable it?

I must also say combat is rather unforgiving, enemies are crack shots even before the player notice them..

@Turkeys, @Frosty
For the DDOF and Motion Blur:

This is a 2 min job, go to your Gamedata\scripts folder. Locate these 2 files:

Remove this one: "shader_control.script"

And remove a line in this one: "bind_stalker.script"

(search for lines = ctrl+h)

Line 236,     shader_control.Update() 

so it should look like this:

    -- DEBUG slowdown
--    slowdown.update()
    -- end


I will import both the AI scheme of my other mod, STALKER SWAT rebalanced and see if that will suit anyone's playstyle and the Vanilla ai scheme with grenades only :)

Any more questions will be addressed here.

nosnix64 wrote: nosnix64
12hours 33mins ago says:

Where is the sleeping bag ?

There is no sleeping bag :) there are tons of mods out there with sleeping bags, and i think sleeping is somewhat cheating, i want the player to experience every single moment of the game. If you sleep, you miss the custom created purple dawns and nights...thats in fact ignoring some of my work. There are stand alone minimods that add a sleeping bag, but

ill make a patch because merging is no option if you arent experienced enough. :)

Someone wrote: MrSaturdayKnight,
4hours 2mins ago says:
Ok I am not sure what I did wrong but all I see is default Stalker SoC. I dl all of the files put them in the correct folders but I dont understand why it still looks the same. Did I do something wrong?

This is a common mistake, of me. I forgot the basic line you have to change in the stalker dir.

Go to your stalker dir, "X:\program files(x86)\THQ\stalker shadow of chernobyl\"

x is your drive letter,

Find the file, fsgame.ltx, and open it up.

Than the first line, you'll see a line called gamedata with $ signs,

Change the false in that line to true, now the game will use the gamedata in your stalker directory.

For steam:

The steam folder is Program Files(or Program Files (x86)==>Steam==>AppData==>common==>stalker shadow of chernobyl\

and follow the steps after the line "x is your drive letter"

And please notice, most of the downloads get corrupted, so please download that part again. If you do get a corrupted download, post the name of the file in the forums so i can upload those files standalone from the rest. It seems a bit odd and time consuming to download 1GB again for just 1 file :)

Lоnerboner Author

Stupid CSS makes the text invisible...ill email the site owners for a fix for this soon, for now, select the text in the LUA code boxes :)

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Wrong place, sorry.

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