Spring Season 2.0 — is a global modification for GTA: San Andreas. This mod adds to game a lot of graphic enhancements and new gameplay features. Updated (2013) version.

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ReadMe-file for Spring Season 2.0: SA-MP Edition. About installation, tips and tricks, full list of innovations etc.

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ReadMe wrote: Spring Season 2.0: SA-MP Edition

Basic information (details in ReadMe_RU.txt, in Russian [in archive]).


Before the installation you may make copy of the game folder, automatically uninstall is not implemented.

0. Install SA-MP client over the CLEAN (without other mods) copy of GTA San Andreas. Extract all files from archive with mod in any folder.

1. With Alci's IMG Editor add ALL FILES from folder «1. gta3_img» with using command: «Action» > «Import (remove if exists)» in the IMG archive \models\gta3.img. Then rebuild («File > Rebuild») archive.

2. Same way add ALL FILES from folder «2. gta_int_img» in the IMG archive \models\gta_int.img. Make rebuild.

2. Same way add ALL FILES from folder «3. player_img» in the IMG archive \models\gta_int.img. Make rebuild.

4. Install «4. spring.exe» in game directory.


Mod was tested with SA-MP 0.3d.

Mod has compatibility with HRT Pack 1.3: Enhanced Edition. Order of installation in this case: clear game > SA-MP > HRT Pack 1.3 > Spring Season 2.0: SA-MP Edition > then open «Only for HRT Pack 1.3.exe».



On some computers can be performance problems. To solve them, try to find the optimal graphics settings through ENBSelector (enb_selector.exe in game folder). ENBSelector is menu on Russian language.

Meaning of buttons: «Высокие» — High; «Средние» — Medium; «Низкие» — Low; «Очень низкие» — Very low.


* If after installing the mod, some trees have white texture, or the game does not start, then the modification has been installed not properly.
* If after rolling sounds of nature continue to play, you minimize the game not properly. Before minimizing press ESC.


* Heavy modified Project Oblivion 2010HQ mod (originally developed by kromvel and Black Hole) with spring textures and special adaptation for SA-MP.

* Hundreds of fully edited textures of environment and minor objects (on Map.gif places with new textures are marked in green).

* Changed the interior of the wardrobe and interior of the Johnson's House, many other textural pleasant things, like a new parachute.

* New timecyc.dat based on Project Reality.

* New particle effects.

* Special config for ENBSeries and ENBSelector menu for adjust graphic settings.

* New types of clothing. Two types of camouflage pants (replace the old camouflage pants Binco), and two new camouflage caps: green camouflage cap replaces trucker cap in Binco, and gray camouflage cap replaces the green baseball cap in Prolaps.

* Sounds of spring nature.

* A lot of Easter Eggs.


In May 2014 archive was updated: included patch («Fix for The Seasons mods in variants for SA-MP»).

Fixed bug, connected with crash of the game near lighthouse on Santa Maria beach (and, maybe, in few other places). Bug, likely, was only in single-player.
Fixed hole in the forest where was a cave in main mod (for compatibility with SA-MP cave was removed), some other little things.
SA Stream Mem Fix (using for eliminate problem with HD-textures) was replaced on better analog — memory512 (by fastman92).


Flame (http://www.wintermod.ucoz.ru)

Used mods by other authors: Project Oblivion 2010HQ by kromvel and Black Hole, PedSwimFix by Alexander Blade, Project Reality by dinuxx, HQ Radar Icons for San Andreas by yojo2, ENBSeries by Boris Vorontsov and other. Thanks to 444andrei444 writing of sounds of nature script.

Thanks for reading this file.

30 March 2012 — original mod (was little updated for Mod DB in 2013)
26 March 2014 — build with included patch.

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