Spring Season 2.0 — is a global modification for GTA: San Andreas. This mod adds to game a lot of graphic enhancements and new gameplay features. Updated (2013) version.

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ReadMe-file for Spring Season 2.0 (with manual installation). About installation, tips and tricks, full list of innovations, description of gameplay features etc.

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ReadMe wrote: Spring Season 2.0 (updated edition with included patch)

Installation manual. Basic information (details in ReadMe_RU.txt, in Russian).


1. Install
2. Hints and tips
2.1. Using scripts
2.2. New keyboard shortcuts
2.3. Where to find new clothes
2.4. Performance problems
2.5. Other problems
3. Innovations
4. Authors


Carefully follow the instructions, otherwise the game might not work properly. Prepare clean, without other mods, copy of GTA San Andreas.
You may make backup before installation.

0. Extract all files from archive with the mod in any folder.

1. Copy all files from «1. Game» folder in game directory.

2. With Alci's IMG Editor add ALL FILES from folder «2. gta3_img» with using command: «Action» > «Import (remove if exists)» in the IMG archive \models\gta3.img.
Then rebuild («File > Rebuild») archive.

3. Same way add ALL FILES from folder «3. gta_int_img» in the IMG archive \models\gta_int.img. Make rebuild.

3. Same way add ALL FILES from folder «4. player_img» in the IMG archive \models\gta_int.img. Make rebuild.

Installation complete!


In this edition of the mod was included fix (that was released in 2011 after release of original mod): was fixed bug, when game crashes if player use parameter «Original grass»,
selected in mod's menu, instead of this parameter, to the menu was added «Disable grass» button.


If you installing this mod after HRT Pack 1.3 \ HRT Pack 1.3: Enhanced Edition, copy all files from folder «Ony for HRT Pack 1.3» to the game folder.

Do not forget to check the directory «Bonus», there is something interesting!


2.1. Using scripts

In the mod has several CLEO-scripts, which provide different opportunities. You can always remove any script simply deleting the file from the \ CLEO.

* «The Hunt» (file: hunting.cs). The game has an opportunity to hunt wolves. The illustration Map.gif red color the places where you can see predators.
If the wolf or a bear has wounded Carl, he needs to put a bandage on the wound. In the forest you can find the hunters, sometimes they will be with the dog.
You can offer the hunter to hunt with you, you just need to press G, highlighting him right mouse button. Hunter will accompany you, in addition, he can use your
camera (press Tab to give him camera) to photograph you with the trophy. To "let go" hunter, you need to run away from him far enough.

* «Hunter`s House» (file: domik_buy.cs). In mod there is a small hunter's house (marked on the map).

* «Sounds of Nature» (file: nature.cs). This script plays sounds of nature in game.

* «Tent 2.0» (file: palatka.cs). This script allows you to install the tent.

* «Pavilion» (file: pavilion.cs). This script allows you to sit in the garden house, which is located behind Carl's house in Angel Pine.

* «Fireplace» (file: fireplace.cs). With this script in various parts of the locations you can see people sitting around a bonfire.

* «Umbrellas» (file: umbrella.cs). With this script, people walking in the rain with umbrellas.

* «Chicken» (file: chicken.сs). At several points in the state you'll find small pens with chickens and roosters. Sometimes, in some villages, you will hear a rooster.

Third-party scripts:

* «Making fire» (file: fires.cs). This script allows you to make a fire. Author: V-Driver.

* «PedSwimFix» (file: PedSwimFix.cs). Passers do not sink, falling into the water. Author: Alexander Blade.

Pay attention to something near to Zero's store in San Fierro.

2.2. New keyboard shortcuts

* Shift + M — bandage.
* P + Shift — install a tent (for save: Y).
* Shift + F — make a fire.

2.3. Where to find new clothes

* Two kinds of new camo pants > replace camo pants in Binco.

* Green camo cap > replace trucker cap in Binco.

* Gray camo cap > replace green cap in ProLaps.

2.4. Performance problems

On some computers can be performance problems. To solve them, try to find the optimal graphics settings through ENBSelector (enb_selector.exe in game folder).

ENBSelector menu on Russian language.

Meaning of buttons:
«Высокие» — High.
«Средние» — Medium.
«Низкие» — Low.
«Очень низкие» — Very low.
«Отключить траву» — Disable grass.


If performance not very well, try disable anti-aliasing and sync screen in game options.

Also you may disable all special features like force anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering in video card driver (set "Use application settings").

2.5. Other problems

* If after installing the mod, some trees have white texture, or the game does not start, then the modification has been installed not properly.

* If game seems too bright, lower the brightness settings (Options > Display).


* Totally retextured Project Oblivion 2010HQ mod (originally developed by kromvel and Black Hole).

* Hundreds of fully converted texture environment and minor objects (on Map.gif places with new textures are marked in green).
All textures are photorealistic.

* New timecyc.dat and new particle effects based on Project Reality.

* More people on the streets.

* A lot of new CLEO-scripts written special for mod, that add new features to the game: hunting, sounds of nature, chickens, setting tents and other.

* There are several new types of clothing.

* New peds, new animals.

* A lot of Easter Eggs.

... And other innovations.

Used mods by other authors: Project Reality by dinuxx, HQ Radar Icons for San Andreas by yojo2, ENBSeries by Vorontsov Boris, memory512 by fastman92 and other. Thanks to authors!


* Flame (http://www.wintermod.ucoz.ru) — the main work
* Izerli — scripts

With the participation: Black Stallion — peds and animals

Thanks for reading this file!

2011, 2012

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