The core aim of the Soulvizier mod is to provide a more challenging and diverse Titan Quest experience. Instead of focusing on a single aspect the mod expands on just about everything in the game: Discover a plethora of new items, fight hundreds of unique mini bosses, encounter rare bosses, forge new equipment and much more. Soulvizier is built upon Munderbunny's highly popular Underlord mod and it includes all his mastery reworks and additional content.

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Best mod SO FAR for Titan Quest!


One of the most overwhelming Mods there are for any game! If you didn't played TQ with this, you realy missed something heavy on your lifetime!

one word: amazing


its good, lets hope the dev will update it when nordic is done with titan quest

There is no real fix on the issue of text missing from the main menu after I installed the mod. I have tried everything on the forums.

Huge bummer

Gave it a four because I have played Underlords and if this mod builds on that,it 's only gonna be more awesome.


Definitely the best TQ mod I've ever played/seen :L
I love the changes to/the addition of:
-The Skills
-The Hero monsters
-The Mercenaries
-And the Souls


Because Titan Quest is such a gem of a game it truly deserves a Mod that make this game justice and that is what Soulvizier do.

Thanks for your time developing this mod amgoz1


This is awesome mod. Good job :-)


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Excelent mod,i love it so much keep updating!



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