With cries of "Sic Semper Tyrannis", nearly a quarter of the United Empire's worlds have seceded to form their own nation. They call themselves the Pilgrims. The Empire interpreted this secession as treason, and the overwhelming might of the loyalist fleet has fallen on the Pilgrims. Although the situation is militarily hopeless, you have a secret communique from the Sophon that could end the war. Get to the Pilgrim Council.

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Sonata 7 includes a complete UI, soundtrack, background, weapon, and story overhaul. Focus races for this release are the United Empire, the religious Pilgrims, the robotic Sower, and the inquisitive Sophon.

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NOTE: Rename Sonata.zip to Sonata.ftl in order to install the mod using Grognak's Mod Manager.

I'd like to start with an apology - I wanted to include modifications to the final boss in this release, but I am not able to finish by the release date I promised. I would rather defer this feature than slip Sonata 7's release date or release an incomplete feature.

Sonata 7 introduces a new universe, and there's a lot of exposition. Read everything.

Future minor releases (7.x) will focus on completing the Human/Sower/Sophon content: Sophon ships and enemies, new custom weapon graphics, the final boss, and overall spit & polish.

The next major release (8) will focus on a new enemy, the Hissho, and their war of annihilation.


  • All-new soundtrack
  • All-new backgrounds
  • All-new story and events
  • All-new UI
  • Custom player ships (4)
  • Custom enemies (10)
  • All-new weapons
  • Custom weapon graphics, and animations
  • New sound effects
Sonata 7

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