Disaster - a deadly virus SDGS (most of those infected have died, but some were mutations that increased their strength, endurance and aggressiveness). In May 2015, the world heard about a new outbreak of bird flu infection in a month on humans, in July were recorded deaths in those infected by the time the vaccine was developed and the disease went into decline. The fall of the infection back to a more dangerous form: deaths accounted for ~ 90% of cases, moreover, the incubation period is sometimes reached week. Two weeks later, when authorities impose quarantine measures, and even after a week of martial law. It did not take long to realize that it is impossible to localize an outbreak and it has been decided to hide the political elite in the bunkers. Citizens of the Russian Federation once again were left to fend for themselves.

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Developer diaries: news of development.

Developer diaries: news of development.

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Hello! In connection with the imminent release of several games on the engine GEM, namely "Assault squad 2" and "Call to arms" we took the decision to...

Developer diaries: "Slingers"

Developer diaries: "Slingers"

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Hey survivors! In this diary we will talk about a band called "Slingers" Slingers - is, in the main, robbers and thieves. They steal, kill, rob and rape...

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Men of War: Assault Squad 2
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