Adds maps set on various planets and moons throughout our Solar System to SWBF2's Instant Action. Both stock eras include new sides with enhanced visuals and sounds, as well as new hero units. Supports Mass Effect era if installed.

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Tqtr says

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one the best quality mappack i´ve ever played


now i get to kill filthy rebs on earth!!

This mods so good!! why no better ratings?? rate this @#%* better guys, mk??

I've always wanted to play star wars on our solar system, and with this mod I could break this urge.
It's a very well done mod, the character classes have been redone giving more air of current, the battles with the new units are much more fun, just missed more variety in it. The details of the planets are beautiful, gravity, texture, etc. , being Saturn my favorite. The only negative point was the weight of the mod, because even disabling shadows, light, etc., the mod gives an absurd lag, which hinders those who have a more modest pc.
I give 9 not for lag, but for not having all the planets.


Awesome mod, the maps are very well made and the new models look great. The new heroes especially look great, love the Ventress model.

Great mod!


best and one of the most fun mods i can download


Brugix says

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All the maps are fantastic!
I really like the new design of the troopers.
And the new heroes are awesome! (especially Ventress).

New musics and new weapons sounds, new maps and graphics, new heroes...this mod is absolutely wonderful!

GÜD enough...




wolvesarebeast12 says

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very gud... very very gud.

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one the best quality mappack i´ve ever played

Feb 28 2017 by Tqtr