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Simply put, I have no idea when the beta will be ready yet. I am hoping I can get the major bugs ironed out soon but it is giving me a headache and I have spent a couple of days this weak working on the Tareans...

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Simply put, I have no idea when the beta will be ready yet. I am hoping I can get the major bugs ironed out soon but it is giving me a headache and I have spent a couple of days this weak working on the Tareans, a race of my own design which originally started as a personal project. I decided to incorporate them into the mod as a new race since clearly the lack of Earth and the Tau'ri is upsetting to some. The Tareans are the humans who originally were meant to be placed on Earth but with certain events happening the Ancients seeded them onto Tarea instead.

This gave me the chance to introduce an alternate human technological evolution, since the weapons like P90's are awkward to create in Skyrim's engine at best, then I would like to stick to energy weapons. Tareans are strong believers in Norse Mythology rather than the commonly followed religions on Earth, meaning a lack of certain events caused by certain religions, as in no dark ages, no crusades or anything similar to that, throwing Tareans a good century or two ahead of current technology. They are not controlled by any government as it was dissolved when their home world of Tarea was destroyed by Ra, their background on this is all described on their wiki page (currently being written). So instead they are pretty much ruled by massive corporations who have their own reasons for doing pretty much anything, some want to advance technology as much as possible, others are purely after profit or power. The largest happens to be content with expanding and improving their race in general, following military and scientific advancement equally as much. The laws are agreed upon by all corporations, or adjusted until they all do, so as to keep the civilization from falling into chaos, each corporation has the responsibility of keeping their employees under the laws but there are some rogue factions who do not do so.

At this stage the civilization is a concept more than anything, and a way of me including an alien civilization who are happy to lend a hand to the player as they are not too advanced that they are as arrogant as the Alterans or other "great races" have shown themselves to be. I will only be adding this race after the other canon Stargate races, so don't expect to see too much 'work in progress' models from them other than ones like I have uploaded with this post and have linked to below.

WIP ModelsWIP Models
WIP Models

I am open to ideas but so far I have 7-9 planets which I plan on adding in addition to Tarea (which you never see the surface of), they will all be based on Norse Mythology so having a knowledge of that may actually come in handy. For an example if you are going to a world named Jotunheim, you can expect to need to be able to take down a Giant in Skyrim easily, I will quickly confirm that Jotunheim WILL be a planet included and will have giants bigger than the skyrim ones who are also smarter than a wild beast to the point of having conversations (in other words be at the level cap or use cheats!).

I think that should be enough information about the Tareans for now though, especially if nobody is actually interested, I will at the very least release an update to the Jaffa Staff which will also add a Zat too by next weekend, since the beta probably wont be ready by then as it is acting like a hydra (each bug you squish, another 3 take its place!).

Chow for Now

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If anyone is curious about the pronunciation of Tarea it is Tah-Ray-Ah.

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