In the near future, the world is under heavy oppresion from the Nexus, a military and political totalitarian regime, that controls over 80% of the world territory and resources. But amid the genocide and desolation, a revolution is coming, would you be part of it? or you have no choice? What is really the Nexus? and what is their main agenda? Maybe the truth lies hidden deep beneath Nexus territory or deep beyond the sky...

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dalantoc says

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just finished it, a little laggy on my medium-spec system but well worth the effort, it was awesome. jesus christ that's not enough characters? How's this then? Still not 150. F--- it then


modsuki says

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This is one of the best mod of Farcry same as Catalyst Aftermath. Long campaign, nice story line & good level design. But some areas are very difficult.


KillerLex says

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