A solid unofficial update for the best turn based 3D tactical game ever made. Not overwhelmed with custom content, it stays close to the original content, while expanding upon it, and fixing bugs.

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LeonserGT says

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Simply best mod for S3 out there, improving so much, even cutscenes and some missions were re-done.


Mavado1 says

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Unfortunately this (1.03) version of the Mod is crappy. Enemies can throw halfway across the map with pinpoint accuracy, every single enemy is a HP-Sponge.
Best example is the Border Guards mission, where its actually possible for the game to get stuck, because the enemy units have retardedly high hide stats, so if there is a last enemy left and he doesnt engage for some reason, you are stuck because you cant find him (it should be noted that I did a fair amount of grinding to get my guys high spot stats, around 100 at this point). 2/10 for the effort.

EDIT: And if you dare to vote this mod down, the "creator" (the actual creator is russian and not active on moddb) sends you salty messages. Win-win.

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