This is a recolour mod for a work in progress AU called "SaviourTale" that includes reskins for: Chara-> Frisk| Sans->Saviour!Sans| Papyrus(Battle sprite)->Papyrus The Undead| Undyne the Undying-> Undying Ultimate| Mettaton EX/NEO-> Mettaton Z|Asgore-> King Geno Asgore| and Flowey-> Rainbow Flowey| These are all characters from SaviourTale (Note that Toriel, Undyne(normal),Alphys and all the normal monsters will not be receiving new looks) This mod also includes some small changes here and there which include: Last Corridor, Throne Room, The Fight,Mercy,Item and Act buttons, Changes to the soul to give it a black design with red,purple,green,yellow, outline etc. Also Saviour!Sans' fight include red and pink bones note that these are just recolours and do not do anything. That's it, enjoy the mod!

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