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Single player first-person tower defense where your mission is to defend your hometown from hordes of invading alien creatures. --- Sanctum stared out as a total conversion mod for Unreal Tournament 3. Now it the students have started a game developer studio, Coffee Stain Studios, and are developing Sanctum as a standalone game using the UDK.

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Ni-Q Project Manager - Sanctum
Nov 7 2009 Anchor

Hello there.

We've had some ideas about setting up a paypal account and start accepting donations from those of you who would be interested in showing your support. Right now we're not receiving any kind of payment or anything else other than the possibility of prizes from the Make Something Unreal Contest.

Donations are all great by themselves but we also had some ideas on getting you involved in Sanctum in general . The thought was to first of course welcome personal donations depending on how much you feel like donating. But we also thought that some special "levels" of benefits for various amount of donations would be fun. Lets say:

*€ = Get your name/alias on a donations list here on the forum and/or on the frontpage of Sanctum ModDB page.
10€ = You get your name/alias of your choice in a Special Thanks list in-game.
25€ = First-come, first-serve on naming one of the monster-types in the game. (+ Name in Special Thanks list in-game)
35€ = Name the whole race of enemy creatures. (+ Name in Special Thanks list in-game)
50€ = When available, allow for cooperation in design/concepting of a new enemy/weapon etc. (+ Name in Special Thanks list in-game)

Of course everything is in the end our choice and we will not accept *random swear word* as the name for anything. This just opens up for discussion where the person will be allowed to have a say and voice their opinion in the matter at hand. The things will have to fit into the general story and will not be named "xXMechNarutoWarri0rerXx67".

Also keep in mind that every donation will go directly to the further development of Sanctum and/or whatever we as a group decide to focus on. Be that a sequel or a totally different game or a license to release a full-scale commercial version of Sanctum! Your support is what will make this possible!

So now, is this something that would interest you? What about the amounts, do they sound reasonable? Do you have any other ideas or wishes or general things YOU personally would pay for?


Project Manager - Sanctum
Computer Game Development - Design @ Högskolan i Skövde, Sweden

Jan 14 2010 Anchor

This is not exactly a donation. Still.I noticed that (at least from Europe) it seems to take ages to download your mod from the provided mirrors (150KB/s max).
I'd be more than willing to host the mod and future versions of it for you, if you want. I could also provide you some quality web space if you already own a domain that you can redirect there (Which I assume >> mood looks promising! Keep on pushing! :)

Ni-Q Project Manager - Sanctum
Jan 15 2010 Anchor

Thank you for the feedback, and you're right that they're not "directly" donations, but we were just thinking through a way to give people the chance to support us in making Sanctum while trying to give them something for their money. We will however not be doing this due to the massive negative feedback and due to the TOS of ModDB that do not allow such solutions.

Thank you for the offer and I did not know it was entirely that bad. We have however tried to offer all the releases as torrents as well and I think in the future the release mechanics will be smoother and more "serious" as it until this date has only been alpha versions that have been released. We do indeed own the domains and I do however not think that server space is an issue of ours, I will however keep your offer in mind and maybe I'll take you up for it later.

Once again, thank you for your feedback, gr33nf4c3!


Project Manager - Sanctum
Computer Game Development - Design @ Högskolan i Skövde, Sweden

Jan 21 2010 Anchor

Alright then. Hit me back with a PM in case you make up your mind :)

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