At the beginning of the 20th century the empires of Japan and Russia were eager to expand their influence in the Far East. In the war of 1894/95 Japan had terminated Chinas supremacy over Korea, while Russia occupied Manchuria in the course of the Boxer Rebellion. When Japan proposed the determination of spheres of influence – a Russian in Manchuria and a Japanese in Korea –, Russia refused. So war began with a Japanese surprise attack on the Russian naval base Port Arthur in February 1904.

The Russo-Japanese War was a prelude to the Great War a decade later. There were trench warfare and barbed wire, field telephones and machine guns, artillery barrages and torpedo attacks. In this scenario you are in command. Control the Japanese sea power and destroy the Russian battle fleets in giant naval battles. Or lead the Russian army to bloody victory on the hills of Manchuria.


  • Large map, reaching from Lake Baikal to the archipelago of Okinawa.
  • Modified provinces, including the fortresses of Port Arthur and Vladivostok.
  • Historically correct OObs for Japan, Russia and Qing Empire.
  • More than 50 events.
  • About 19 month of warfare.

Installation Instruction

This scenario is made for the WW1 Mod for Hearts of Iron 3: TFH (Version 1.0). Just follow the link, download and install it. Download the Russo-Japanese-War-Mod too and copy the files into the WW1-Mod folder. Replace if asked to do so. This modification will not change the main game.

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Version 0.2

Released: October 21st, 2016

  • "Chinese Road to War" event chain (fictional) added, including
    • Territory of the Qing Empire around Beiyang
    • 6 new events
    • Chinese army
  • More officers for Japan
  • More supplies for Japanese landing operations
  • False unit code corrected
  • Victory Points modified
  • Camera reach modified
  • Entente modifier for Russia removed
  • Technology for Russia and Japan modified
  • Russo-Japanese War in Main Game (1910, 1914) fixed
  • Province name "Dalian" changed to "Port Arthur"
  • Triggered modifiers "Russian Bear" and "Rising Sun" modified
  • Events not or wrongly triggering fixed:
    • Faction Aims capturing message
    • Hitachi-Maru-Incident
    • Arrival of 2nd Pacific Squadron
    • Supplies for Russia/Japan

Version 0.1

Released: October 1st, 2016

  • Full Version



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Russo-Japanese War 0.2

Russo-Japanese War 0.2

Full Version 6 comments

Russo-Japanese War 0.2 is a scenario for WW1 Mod for Hearts of Iron 3: TFH.


A russian civil war scenario it would be incredibly!!!

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Why the forum of Paradox interactive is not worck?? PLease fix it

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Cadaeron Creator

You must be logged in to have access. But I added another link now. You can choose this.

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Yes, thanks!!! It worcks!! These mod is very good!! Respect!!!

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