This mod adds Rumble Conquest, a new game mode to the stock maps. Rumble Conquest is regular Conquest, except there's 4 teams fighting for control over the battlefront.

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Tqtr says

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An amazing idea,i cant understand how something like was not made before,if you are wondering if you should try this or not, absolutely yes, every match its just perfect fun, such a simple yet entertaining concept
if you are new to Battlefront II mods,this perfect to start, and if you are already a veteran, this will make a fine addition to your collection


TheZealot says

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This is very quickly becoming one of my favorite mods for SWBF2! If you want a recommendation:

1. Max out reinforcement count and AI per team in the settings

2. Hoth in Rumble Conquest

3. When the game starts, open up the fake console thingy that comes with the 1.3 patch and type "SetUberMode(1);"

4. Experience utter ******* chaos


Needo62 says

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By far the most fun I've had with stock assets, maybe ever, playing with the AI count and reinforcements at max causes for an intense, action packed experience that every player of Battlefront 2 has to see for themselves. It's the ultimate Battle with contenders from every corner of the Galaxy all fighting on one Front

Now THIS Battlefront


Cyberctf346 says

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A very fun and enjoyable mode. As needo stated it’s probably the most fun I have ever had with stock assets. Definitely worth the download and it gets a definite 10/10. Just the chaos and mixed with the ai heroes is just amazing.


Warmongerous says

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