Rocks 2 Rockets is a mod-mod of Caveman 2 Cosmos. It has been trimmed down with the aim of getting it playable through the end of the game on a significantly less capable system than is required by C2C. It is still a large mod, just less demanding than C2C. There have been some adjustments for balance purposes. There have also been a few modifications for other reasons, and perhaps a bug fix or two that is not yet in C2C. The entire "galactic" era has been cut out, as has much of the "transhuman" era. Less drastic cuts have been made across the earlier eras. Features supplied by the game engine as of C2C version 26 are all present, including the viewport functionality, as well as many later bug fixes, AI improvements, and optimizations. R2R has a topic in the mod-mods subforum of the Caveman 2 Cosmos forum at the Civilization Fanatics' Center.

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Land of Big Animals
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O_O ouch, that must hurt
wait, can those cannos carry peple?

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G-E Author

Yes, the canoes can carry people. (In spite of the fact that they look like one man kayaks. The graphics for this will be changed in the next version after 0.3 and an actual kayak unit has been added, which acts as a scout and doesn't get bad results from the "goody islands".)

It also didn't actually hurt much as the hunter unit has a large built-in bonus vs. these animal units and also has two hunter promotions which give another +100% or so, and is on a hill with jungle for another 75% defensive bonus so his effective defensive strength was probably something up close to 15. He pretty well cleared them out, capturing some of them and killing the rest for food and production, if I recall correctly.

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You never know what you will find just outside the area you have explored. In this case it was a large number of large animals.

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