The mod you are trying to view has ceased development and consequently been archived. If you are a member of this mod, can demonstrate that it is being actively developed and will be able to keep this profile up to date with the latest news, images, videos and downloads, please contact us with all details and we will consider its re-activation.

Red Dawn is a Mod for C&CG:ZH which adds Russia as a fourth playable Faction(AI included, 3 unique Generals). All Units will have unique Unitsounds, most Weapons, Abilities and Upgrades are completely new, others are kinda similiar to the existing One's like the Building Capture or the Emergency Repair. The Rank System consists now of 8 Levels and are harder to advance upwards. The 3 Main Factions USA, China and the GLA will get a few new Things as well. A completly unique Special Unit at Infantry and Unique Buildings for Russia. Some old cut Features are re-enabled, advanced AI is also included for all Sides. A own unique Campaign for Russia is planned too, and is confirmed to be worked on at the Moment. Enjoy! Russia is coming back to the Fields of War A new Dawn is at Hand Download Links: - Needs a short Registration - Click at Screenshots Find any more details @ Won't be updated anymore, i will serve you all the Stuff right here at :)

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Red Dawn gets something special...


Hi Guyz! I just wanted to tell you that Red Dawn will be, as far as i know, the first Mod that will feature "General-Specific" Speech in Skirmish...

New Download available soon!


Hi Guyz! I wanted to inform you that at Sunday this Week i will release an updated Version of the Mod, with everything in so far that i posted about...


News 6 comments

Well, as mentioned in the Profile of the Mod, every Faction will get a MEGA-WEAPON, it's now decided what which Faction will recieve, remember this Weapons...

Just to keep you Guys updated

News 1 comment

Hi there Today i finished the Work with Russia's Superweapon: The Sub-Atomic Missile. It will be fired via ICBM Silo and makes as lot Damage as the Nuke...

Red Dawn is out!

News 4 comments

Since exactly 1h and 10min C&C Generals:ZH / Red Dawn Beta is available for download! It features almost everything which will be in the final release...

Russia's Superweapon....

News 5 comments

Hi there :) I'm almost done with Russia and starting to script, but there is One Thing left, yes... the Superweapon! But i don't want to choose it on...

Exclusive for "Russia's Atomic Flash"


Hi there! I got News for you, the Mod is making very good Progress. My Infantry is finally done and the Conscript got new Animations. The Typhoon Launcher...

Another 10% for the Completion


NEWS: I got a new Building done which is similiar to the Strategy Center, it's called the KGB MOUT Center and supplies the Player with free Money in great...

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