Red Alert 3: Revolution's main goal is to provide a more in-depth Red Alert 3 experience, whilst retaining both the unique art style and core gameplay that made Red Alert 3 so enjoyable. The faction diversity that Red Alert 3 provided has been further built on and expanded, with each faction being able to channel their particular strengths with new, updated sets of upgrade protocols. From the Allies' 'Proton Beam Capacitors' upgrade, to the Soviet’s 'Electrostatic Flak' upgrade, you can be sure that the outcome of games will be less decided by who spams the most units, and more on who spends their Security Points the wisest. This mod also aims to enhance the unit graphics, particle systems, weapon effects and visuals throughout the game. Numerous bug fixes, as well as improved sound effects covering everything from unit weapons and explosions, to unit movement and ambient noises will offer Revolution players a Red Alert 3 experience like no other.

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Hey-ho, here we go! Introducing Red Alert 3: Revolution! Here's the change list as of 13th May

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  • Proton Beam Capacitors global upgrade power; replaces Chrono Rift Level 2. Upgrades Assault Destroyers, Apollo Fighters, and Hydrofoils with Proton Beam Weapons, which increase firepower. Slight Graphical change to Assault Destroyers and Hydrofoils when upgraded.
  • Enhanced Reactors global upgrade power; replaces Chrono Rift Level 3. Upgrades all Allied Power Plants to provide 50% more power.
  • All Allied Structures deploy times standardized to 2 seconds. New Dust FX when deployed/sold. Spectrum Tower and Armour Facility broken deploy animations fixed.
  • IFV's AA firing FX fixed. Enhanced firing sounds.
  • Multigunner Turret's missile weapon firing FX fixed. Enhanced firing sounds. Now uses correct weapon when garrisoned with Tanya.
  • Javelin IFV's/Turrets now use weapon similar to the GLA Rocket Buggy.
  • New distortion firing FX for Spectrum Tower and Mirage Tank. Enhanced firing sounds for both.
  • Aircraft Carrier Drones can now retarget during flight. Now retain exhaust glow when upgraded with Advanced Aeronautics.
  • Apollo Fighter's takeoff/land animation fixed. New exhaust distortion FX (similar to the C&C3 Orca).
  • Enhanced firing sound for Javelin Soldier.
  • New Chronoshift Sound Effects (similar to Ra2).
  • Many other misc bug fixes, more changes to come.


  • Improved Kirov Skin; looks more like the original render. Drops Tesla Bombs when elite. Takes off from the Airfield slower.
  • Improved MiG missile exhaust FX. New exhaust distortion FX (similar to the C&C3 Orca).
  • Enhanced Tesla Coil firing/charge FX. Now uses Supercharged Yellow Lightning FX when being charged by Tesla Units.
  • Leech Beam Colour Change, beam direction travel corrected.
  • Apocalypse Tank Magnetic Harpoon Colour Change, Enhanced Firing Sound, new shell detonation FX.
  • Tesla Trooper firing animation fixed.
  • Twinblade rockets now have models, auto-cannons are now constant-fire.
  • Enhanced Sentry Gun firing sound, now constant-fire.
  • Magnetic Satellite can now pick up Time Bombs (based on level), Balloon Bombs (all levels) and Rocket Angels.
  • Tesla Tank now available in skirmish/multiplay
  • Molotov Projectile Speed increased.
  • Many other misc bug fixes, more changes to come.


  • New Shogun Plasma Cannon FX. Enhanced Firing Sound.
  • Improved animation for Tsunami Tank's Special Ability.
  • Improved Chopper/Striker/Defender VX missile exhaust FX.
  • Tank Busters are now armed with mini Wave-Force Cannons. Can fire through multiple targets.
  • Rocket Angel Photon Rocket Projectile FX fixed. Now uses red FX when elite.
  • Enhanced Yuriko Psyonic Blast FX. Similar to Uprising.
  • Improved Wave-Force Cannon/Artillery hit FX.
  • Wave-Force Cannon now does the same damage as the Wave-Force Artillery. Charge time increased to 4 seconds. No longer post-charges after each shot.
  • Defender VX uses fire sounds from Uprising, now constant-fire.
  • Shinobi's Sword Weapon removed; now has a clip size of 3 Shurikens.
  • Jet/Mecha Tengu now uses new exhaust distortion FX (similar to the C&C3 Orca).
  • Many other misc bug fixes, more changes to come.

Global Changes:

  • Engineer capture sounds now the same as in Uprising
  • Implemented 4x3 UI from Uprising.
  • Parachute drop speed decreased.
  • All changes from patch 1.11 will be implemented after the patch has been released, and the Mod SDK updated.

Future Changes:

  • Artemis, Century, and Harbinger Airstrikes. Completely replaces Time Bomb.
  • Futuretank X-2, unlocked via a Support Power (similar to Generals).
  • New Soviet Support Powers; Tesla Flak, Armour Superiority (duel barrel Hammer upgrade + Apocalypse Missile Pods). Replaces Desolator Airstrike 2 & 3.
  • EMP Balloon Bombs.
  • Remove the Multigunner Turret's infantry garrisoning ability (the code is broken beyond repair). Starts off with a Shotgun weapon, can be upgraded to missiles. Name change to Pacifier Turret.
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