A Chinese RA3 minimal conversion mod with the goal to provide the most fun on a very adaptive battlefield. Modder: Lengyue, BIBBER Codes: EA Games, Lengyue, WCAK47 Mod DB Representative: Teslashark

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感谢微月,ioncannon1333,LJM(名字拼音缩写),LBW(名字拼音缩写)的捐赠 感谢WCAK47の运命技术捐赠

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V1.2 Change List

Global Data Change List:

All Uprising maps & Premier Edition additional maps & some good maps created by players are added.

Try to fix that AI won't build Nano Swarm Hive Device & Chonosphere Device, and try to fix that AI do not
know how to use Chronosphere, Chronorift, Chrono Swap, Nano Swarm Hive

Allied Data Change List:

Precision Strike's supersonic aircraft approachs target faster.

Unpack Special Ability is disabled while Allied Miner is shrunk by cryocopter.

Targeted Magnetic Armor( which is created at target ) will no longer move around to other targets while
more than 1 Assault Destroyer use its special ability.

Cryocopters can't shrink a target immediately for a second time after upgrade Hith Tech Upgrade.

Cryocopters can kill frozen units with its Special Ability Shrink Beam after upgrade High Tech Upgrade,
Special Ability costs 250, and C.D. Time increased from 10s to 15s.

Cryocopters can gain experiance and get level upgrade now.

-冷冻直升机的冷冻光线对T1T2单位冷冻量保持不变,对T3单位冷冻量减少25 [对T1T2单位75/s冷冻量,对T3单位50/s冷冻量 ; 对T1T2单位100/s冷冻量,对T3单位75/s冷冻量(升级高科技前;后)]
Cryocopters' Cryo Beam decrease 25 frozen amount anainst T3 units while it maintains the same
To T1T2 units [ To T1T2 units 75/s, To T3 units 50/s ; To T1T2 units 100/s, To T3 units 75/s
( Before ; After High Tech Upgrade )]

Empire Data Change List:

Archer Maiden's Special Ability now can't destroy airborne targets, only cause 200 damage, final
damage to structures/units decreased by 33.33%.

Nano Swarm Hive will never buff Proton Collieder's damage amount now.

A new Nano Swarm Hive available now, it will 100% protect units & structures inside it.

Soviet Data Change List:

Terror Drone Burst Chance increased form 20% to 30%.

All Soviet Units which can get Crush Puppies Upgrade will have a 15% speed boost and 15% armor buff.

Apocolypse Tanks now has an Anti Air Turret, which enables him to attack airborne units.

Apocolypse Tanks can heal itself by using its grind weapon after upgrade Crush Puppies Upgrade.

Vacuum Bomb can gather Projectiles now.

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