This mod will allow you to play with 1 of the 9 realms(nord cosmology), King arthur myth(king arthur, pics and saksons) and with some fantasy realms.

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In this news post you can read the story (updates possible) of elves. Read Content for the story.

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The elves once lived in the magnificent continent of Fanor, klimdor and darwon.
The Elves of the beautiful continent of Klimdor were the first to discover the
new continent wich bursted of may races. They settled on an inhabited island
near the kingdom of Akkadians. The news arrived back at the kingdom of Klimdor
and they welcomed the help of their allies of Fanor and Darwon. But becouse
there wasn't much place left, and Darwon arraved later than Fanor, many of them couldn't
come to the new island. But luckely , a small fleet that has gone missing after a storm
discovered an whole other island. But without knowing what was lying there they
colonized the new land.

Some era's later, when war broke out between Darwon and Fanor,
people wanted to seek refuge in the new kingdoms.But a huge wall of spikes had rosen
from the sea. So now, no single interaction was possible between the 3 continents
and the new kingdom. But the island that Darwon setteld was filled with evil
powers, and evil creatures. One of these creatures, was so big, so magnificent,
and so powerfull, that they saw him as a god. The Hydra.
The Hydra is a breed of the dragon, which are still few from on this continent,
That usualy lived in the dark lands of hell. Becouse of the Hydra, Those elves
living on that island corrupted. They became dark elves.

Serving the evil powers of hell, they declared war upon Asgard, and Vanaheim.
Asgard discovered that an isand had been inhabited by an ancient race that they know
from the two first ages*. They offered an alliance. The elves accepted and became
a new kingdom, and carried a name of an new race, and a new kingdom.
The same as their ancestors. The Alves of Alfheim.
Alven are even more magnificent than normal elves. And alfheim was
an mystic realm, far beyond this one.Now, just like on the other continents, war broke out between the former kingdom
of Darwon and the Alves (just gonna call them elves).
The people of Asgard offered the elves an ancient treaty: the forces of light.
With an all inspiring motto: 'Ialoraer shi mal, paelodaer shi thar' in Elvish.
In common language this means: United we stand, Devided we fall.

The king of Alfheim, Kylael the just, started an expedition to the lands of Darwon.
Once he gets there he makes an discovery. Thet weren't normal elves anylonger,
but an ancient race too. The black elves, the dark elves. Just like 'Sfartalfheim'.
Like Alfheim did, Sfartalfheim did too. They also got a treaty of the evil forces.
Hell, Niflheim, Jotunheim and Muspelheim. Now they form the legions of darkness.
Now its your turn to destroy the new world, or avoid it being destroyed!

*First two ages: Gonna be in one of the next story updates


It seems like you have started making a background story for your mod, other than that theyre was alot of spelling mistakes.

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gerrit1919 Author

I know ;)
My english is not the best, but i hope you can
see where the story is going to ;)


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I understand your poor english ;D

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