HI all i decided to release the mod completely for all free i took 30 minutes for upoading it feauture:portable m1919all realistic weapon,soundextreme realistic blood effectsvery realistic weap. name contanin little backtofronts content beautufull realistic skin ADDED RANK MOD ON MULTIPLAYER!!!This mod is really an unofficial 1.4 patch for cod 2!!!

Here is the Credits:

mch2207cz(some weapon animation,and model,skin,sound)
Heavy Metal (some skin)
Alucard (blood mod working)
KnifeinFaces (beautiful weapon skinning)
Jessejoydb (animation)
Sufian (some skinning,weapon file,fx,localized strings,scripts)
Petx (cod waw fonts)
Fainyance 11 (extremely realistic sound)
Medal Of Honor Allied assault (little weap. sound)
mudvayne555 (kar98k skin)

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modern weapon mod i scoming in 3 week!!
I am still busy this times so when i will free i will post the mod
it contain:

blood mod (thanks alucard)
modern weapon
excellent sounds!
new skins!
new shooting effects!
work in multiplayer and single player and bot !
new fonts and materials !
all new war sound realistic
bringing more realism (no zoom,more damage..)

and thats all from now bye!
i will post a video

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Sufian's Realism mod Ver 1.0

Sufian's Realism mod Ver 1.0

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HI ALL!!! This mod contain every thing that allow to play realisticly war with many conflict against german soldier Mod feauture: weapon sound weapon...


best gramar seen in universe

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Where can i download please tel me?

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where can I download?

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hi guys im in the making of a mod for modern warfare 2 im gonna make it based on canada's and poland's army in ww2 if anyone can help please contact me.

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Im wondering how the hell youll gonna make it for mw2?

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New weapons can be added (Rrpz client). Not sure about other stuff

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Oh, I forgot. I liked very much the new sniper scopes in the Red Orchestra style. But the Springfield keeps the original CoD2 scope. Could you also give it a new one?

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Hi Sufian!

I downloaded and tested your mod. To be honest, there were some things I didn't like. I mean no ofense, you certainly did put a lot of work in there, but I think that there are many things that you could improve.

Let's start with the things I did like. Excellent work on the sounds. That is the best part of the mod, now all the weapons sound like real weapons being fired. Simply awesome.

Now, what I didn't like were the skins.

Some weapons looks really good; for example, the BAR, the Mosin-Nagant, the Lee-Enfield and the Luger. Others are just not bad, like the G43, the Thompson (although it's not much diferent from the original one), the PPS43, the Bren and the Greasegun.

But the other weapons, well, I think they don't look good at all. Most of them have modern day camo (PPSh is the worst one, but also Tokarev SVT40, M1 Garand, STG44 and the Kar98k with that red dot on the rear sights). Man, this is not CoD4. You seem to be a good skinner, so I'm sure you could improve them a lot in order to fit the realism aim of the mod. Also about the players skin. The SS black skins look nice, but remember that they were used for ceemonial purposes, not in combat, and not in all fronts.

About the new weapons models, the PPSh with 35 round magazine would look nice if you change the skin. But there's a problem with the portable .30 cal. When you see it on first person view, it's a .30 cal, but when you see it on third person view in the hands of a bot, it's a Bren. Perhaps you could fix it.

Again, I mean no ofense. I'm not a modder, so I supose I'm not the most apropriate person to critizice other people's work, but I think you are a good modder and could do it much much better. Take this just and some tips/advices to improve your work, nothing more. I'll still give you a 10/10 for the effort, but please keep it up and improve it. I'm sure you could turn it into a full relism mod.

Best regards, man (and I'm looking forward to the WaW surprise!).

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Hi Sufian. Your mod looks good, so I will probably download it to see what it has. Is it only for MP, or does it also work for SP?

Another question. I downloaded the Realistic Kar98k mod you posted on Call of Duty Filefront, but I cannot play the mod. I put the .iwd file on main directory, but nothing seems to change while in-game. No new skin, sounds or reload animations, neither in SP nor in MP. What could it be?

Another thing. I haven't played CoD2 in a while, but today I played MP and I noticed that there are two new maps in my list (Normandy and Anzio, if you want to know). I have never downloaded those two maps. I thought that perhaps they were automatically downloaded from a server (I don't remember that though, because I allways play with the download option set on "No"). Anyway, I tried to remove those maps from main folder, but they are not there. In fact, it apears that there's nothing in my CoD2 folder that shouldn't be there.
I don't know if it has anything to do with your mod, but it's the only thing I remember I have downloaded in the last time. Anyway, could you (or anyone) help me to delete them? (and tell me what the problem is, just for curiosity).

Best regards.

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