KetsuCorp's debut mod; RavenShield 2.0! Rainbow Six returns in an all exclusive, definitive redux of the most popularly played tactical shooter of 2003.

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RavenShield 2.0 is a very impresive mod for a game that deserved new life. The realism has been increased not only by the one-shot kill from the REAL Rainbow Six, but because most of the HUD is deactivated and there is no aiming reticle. This forces the player to use more the "SitRep" key to know what the other teams are doing and how many operatives went down. I would call this a perfect mod for everything but a few flaws. The first one, Operation Broken Stone, the terrorist with gas mask that would activate the nerve gas don`t have guns, that makes the Rainbow AI not shot them and failing the mision if you are not careful. Second, the High Capacity Magazines have being halve from, say 100 rounds to 60 rounds. Finally, they did nothing to fix the "One Attachment only" problem. It is a great mod noneless, but can be improved.


I lowered this from 9 because i discovered 2 modifications that reduce the realism of the mod
1. The FN FiveseveN AKA AP Army, has its standard magazine reduced from the original (and real) 20 round to 10 rounds. The 10 rounds magazine can be achieved by restricting the magazine. Im pretty sure that Rainbow (or any other military organization) would keep the standard 20 round magazine for multiple reasons, but the most important would be to make sure that the FiveseveN is an effective sidearm.
2.The Heartbeat sensor, by it self, is not too realistic. But now is nearly imposible to use, you barely can see the red blips from the heartbeats. I personally dislike this change.
3. Also, shotguns can now breach doors with one shot, but also punch through any form of body armor, making them OP

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A must-have if you own this game.

Jan 18 2014 by boredgunner