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Take yourself back to before the Rings of Power, and the fall of Numenor, to the beginning, when evil's first seeds began to stir. In this modification for BFME2, your entire world will be taken back to the First Age of Arda, where the Dark Lord Morgoth waged a war on the other Valar of Middle-earth, and the whole land was shaken and torn asunder. Play as the evil fallen one's army's commander, or fight to defend your civilisation as Elves, Dwarves or Men, and end this war of wrath and destruction! Be sure to check our new website for in-depth news and updates!

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Spawns of Draugluin? (Games : Battle for Middle-earth II : Mods : From Book to Game - Quenta Silmarillion : Forum : New Units : Spawns of Draugluin?) Locked
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Jan 19 2012 Anchor

I mean you can create some werwwolfs whos sun of Draugluin the first werefolf.
You can add him some ability.(LVL2:Roar,LVL5:man-eating{like Sharku}

p.s:forgive my horrible english knows

Jan 19 2012 Anchor

That would be a good idea. I could think of several good abilities to go along with Draugluin. and considering that he was more or less a lieutenant, maybe he could have a higher level ability to summon a few units of werewolves. That is, if the spawn of Draugluin will in fact be a unit.

Jan 20 2012 Anchor

Good idea! We're DEFINITELY scrapping Angmar's 'Wolf Summon' Power, so I might rescale and retexture the Wolf model for it, since theres so many quadrupedal wolven models. Any special powers you have in mind?
ötlet! Mi VÉGLEGES selejtezési Angmar a "Wolf Summon 'Power, úgyhogy lehet méretezni, és retexture a Wolf modellt, hiszen ott sok négylábú farkas modellek (pl. Warg, Dire Wolves).Bármely különleges hatáskörrel gondol?

Jan 21 2012 Anchor

Some abilities:LVL2:Roar(Gives bonus for attack)
LVL4:Deadly claws:(increase the attack speed for a short time)
LVL5:Man eating:(Eat a single unit and regenaret the health)

Dominate of the Werefolf:(Capture a Varg lair)
Curse of the Werewolf:(Biting a Hero, and take high damage,than when the hero died turn him on a Werewolf)(Like the Morgul Blade ability)

Collar of Sauron:The collar gives fear resistance (for some resources:300-400)

Jan 21 2012 Anchor

Yes. All ideas are going into the mod. I love 'em! - Except Collar of Morgoth (not Sauron)

Edited by: IreneHawnetyne

Jan 21 2012 Anchor

Im Glad to help you:D

Jan 22 2012 Anchor

I'm glad to say we've got the best fans!

French_Fry Lord of the Nine
Apr 15 2012 Anchor

I've got one for him. Since he only has 4 powers, mayb at level one he could switch? Warg animations for speed and trampling and Werewolf anmations for strong attacks and AoE?


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