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Take yourself back to before the Rings of Power, and the fall of Numenor, to the beginning, when evil's first seeds began to stir. In this modification for BFME2, your entire world will be taken back to the First Age of Arda, where the Dark Lord Morgoth waged a war on the other Valar of Middle-earth, and the whole land was shaken and torn asunder. Play as the evil fallen one's army's commander, or fight to defend your civilisation as Elves, Dwarves or Men, and end this war of wrath and destruction! Be sure to check our new website for in-depth news and updates!

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Jan 21 2012 Anchor

I have a great idea!

If you put in the game Melkor as a hero,
For some power points you can transform Melkor to Morgoth.(For 15 pp)

What do you think guys?

(sorry my english)

I re-read a the book and i have some info abut Morgoth:He used a hammer(It called Grond) and weared a shield.
I found a cool picture from him:

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Jan 21 2012 Anchor

SO MUCH COLOUR! Haha, yeah. Anyway, back to the point: no offence, but no way. Morgoth wasn't another state of Melkor, just another name.

Jan 21 2012 Anchor

That being said, will Melkor be a hero? And that brings to mind another question that I had. How many good heroes are you going to implement into the mod? I mean, I read the book maybe a year ago (am rereading now) and remember getting very very lost in all the different elven names. Do you have an outline of what heroes you are considering implementing? Personally, i think it would be easier to come up with powers if the community had an idea of what heroes you are considering. If you haven't got the list of heroes down, then I guess the solution will be start making suggestions =D

Jan 23 2012 Anchor

1. Yes, Melkor will be a buyable hero, he'll be angband's most expensive hero, but we will try not to overpower him too much.

2.Well, we have the hero's for Noldor, there will be about 7 or 8 (LOTS to chose from).

Jan 26 2012 Anchor

I LIKE THIS GUY (Speedy)! Outline of Evil heroes: Morgoth, Balrogs (check out the other Balrog post for names), Ungoliant, Sauron (maybe), Maeglin, Eol (maybe), Thuringwethil, Draugluin. We may add a few more, and (though I only just thought of it) we could add a rank system... (like level 3, increased armour, level 5 added banner, level 7 captain, level 10 leadership). What do you think, future? And, of course, SPEEDYwings?

Jan 26 2012 Anchor

We could give Angband, Orcobal the orc champion, good early game hero.

Jan 27 2012 Anchor

You should put in the mod Glaurung.(The first Dragon)
(Or maybe you should give an ability for Morgoth who summon Glaurung, because he was who create the Dragons.)

Jan 27 2012 Anchor

Glaurung requires one hell of a lot of animation. that is beu=yond me.
Speedy, here is the list of Noldor heroes

  1. Finwe
  2. Feanor
  3. Fingolfin
  4. Finarfin
  5. Fingon
  6. Turgon
  7. Maedhros
  8. Finrod

Evil heroes

  1. morgoth
  2. thuringwethil
  3. draugluin
  4. sauron
  5. maeglin
  6. oracobal
  7. gothmog (balrog-lord)
  8. ancalagon

Ungoliant is recruitable from the new spider lair.

Jan 27 2012 Anchor

That looks awesome in my opinion. Both the Noldor and evil heroes seem adequate. A rank system sounds pretty interesting... I've never thought about that, but that would definitely add something. Although I'm a bit confused about what you said regarding how it would work. Do you mean that the heroes would have the rank system, or the units? I assumed that you meant the units because heroes would have their own powers, but I just want to clarify.

edit: I just had a thought. Are you guys going to add Thorindor, Lord of the eagles, into the mod?

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Jan 28 2012 Anchor

I can do Glaurung. But seriously, Oracobal? Could you think of a cheesier name?

And I mean - every unit has 10 levels, heroes with their powers, units with upgrades. Could use that instead of buying upgrades?

Now you mention it, yup. Thorindor will go in somewhere. With a special skin.

Jan 28 2012 Anchor

You are the best Fellbeast :D
I can't wait to see Glaurung!

Keep it up and good work!

p.s:I re-read the book for some information.

p.s2:If you do Glaurung, maybe you should create Túrin turambar.

Jan 28 2012 Anchor

Okay, that form of an upgrade system would be awesome. It always bugged me how even if you got a unit to its maximum level, with the exception of a few select units, they all stayed pretty much the same. If they were to actually gain upgrades via leveling up, that would be cool.

And that's good to hear that you will be implementing Thorindor. I can't wait to see him.

Jan 29 2012 Anchor

Thorondor will be in, I'm sure.
We are creating Turin dude. turin is one of the main edain heroes.

Jan 29 2012 Anchor

Good news.

When you finish his model please upload some picture!

Jan 29 2012 Anchor

OK, written out most of present units' updates. I'd show you them but they're on my laptop, which is out of action for now. I'll post them as news ASAP.

Feb 3 2012 Anchor

And what you think about an other Werewolf hero?
I think Carcharoth.He was very powerfull.(and an other strange idea:if you replace the ring system , for the silmarill system maybe he will a good silmarill hero.)

Carcharoth bigger than Draugluin, and maybe more powerfull.

I hope you understand what i like to say.I wish you to good work.

Feb 12 2012 Anchor

We will be, if ever, implementing a new Ring System very much later. We'll think about Carcharoth. And thanks for keeping the faith in us.

Apr 26 2012 Anchor

IFF Melkor is in game for the angband, than I suggest that some other Vala should fight for the other fractions as well.
Orome-the other elves
That seems to be quite accurate plus it leaves you with Aule should you decide to put the dwarves in.

Apr 26 2012 Anchor

Well, the factions are: Noldor, Naugrim (dwarves), Angband, and the edain. The elves of doriath might be part of the edain fation .

And I *think* were incorporating other valar spirits in somehow.

Apr 27 2012 Anchor

i don't think it would be adequate to have doriath as part of the EDAIN faction. i mean, EDAIN. but you know, i had an idea, what if we include the Sindar as a seperate faction in the later releases?

Apr 27 2012 Anchor

eh, it's a possibility, but that won't be for a while as the initial release will probably only have noldor and angband playable.

Apr 28 2012 Anchor

You may summon each faction's 'patron' Vala to the field permanently as the last special power. It's the last power coz their gonna be badass.

Apr 28 2012 Anchor

Edain - Ulmo
Naugrim - Aulë
Noldor - problem... their's is ALSO Aulë...
what do you think? Who could be the Noldor's?

Apr 28 2012 Anchor

Eonwe is the only one who strikes me possible, but than he is no Vala, but Noldor do not have to have tis power, instead, they could call for the Valar army led by Eonwe and Earendil.

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