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Take yourself back to before the Rings of Power, and the fall of Numenor, to the beginning, when evil's first seeds began to stir. In this modification for BFME2, your entire world will be taken back to the First Age of Arda, where the Dark Lord Morgoth waged a war on the other Valar of Middle-earth, and the whole land was shaken and torn asunder. Play as the evil fallen one's army's commander, or fight to defend your civilisation as Elves, Dwarves or Men, and end this war of wrath and destruction! Be sure to check our new website for in-depth news and updates!

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Gondolin or Elves in general (Games : Battle for Middle-earth II : Mods : From Book to Game - Quenta Silmarillion : Forum : New Units : Gondolin or Elves in general) Locked
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Feb 9 2012 Anchor

For the Elves of Gondolin, are you going to have the leaders of each house a hero or mini hero, perchance? Also, could you implement the sub-faction for the elves to pick which kingdom to control? Which could include, Gondolin, Beleriand, and the others? I was just wondering, it would be quite amazing, actually! Anyway, thanks for starting this mod, it is going to be quite amazing!! Anyway thanks!

Feb 10 2012 Anchor

Minifactions, rather, and yeah, that'd be cool. Only two, or three though, so we don't unbalance it or overstretch BFME2's reach.

Feb 12 2012 Anchor

there will be lords of gondolin. trugon summons them for his last power.
turgon summons galdor, rog, egalmoth, penlod, duilin, salgant, maeglin, glorfindel, ecthelion and a tuor with limited powers

Feb 12 2012 Anchor

Thanks for consulting the quartet, reallyfat!

Feb 14 2012 Anchor

Oh another quick question, in the Gondolin story when there are survivors escaping it says that Legolas comes to there aid, obviously it's not the same Legolas as during the War of the Ring, so will there be a difference between them in the game or what? Thanks!

Feb 15 2012 Anchor

We have so many Elf hero options that we will choose not to overcomplicate things, so we won't use Legolas

Feb 15 2012 Anchor

Oh ok, that is very true! Thanks! ^^

This is regarding Celebrimbor and the Eregion elves, you probably already answered this but will Imladris be considered as Eregion then, because Imladris is comprised of the survivors of Eregion, and then will Eregion be a sub-faction? Then concerning Celebrimbor, will one of his powers be pertaining to the rings of power? Then he makes the respective heroes who received the rings stronger?

Feb 17 2012 Anchor

Legolas does not 'come to their aid', that legolas is part of egalmoth's house. No, he is not the same as that Legolas Thranduilion. and i agree with fellbeast. we have too many named elves to put in people like Legolas.
Celebrimbor founded Eregion. Elrond founded Imladris. Eregion's survivors went to Imladris, but the majority of the Imladhrim were from Lindon. Anyway, Celebrimbor forged the rings in the second age. this is about the first age. And don't forget, he gave the rings to Círdan, Gil-galad, and Galadriel. None of those will be heroes. Círdan, Celebrimbor, and Gil-galad will be in the campaign of course, but will not be recruitable in skirmish. nor will the sons of Fëanor and many others. But, you know, we may implement him and Gil-galad later, if we make a Sindar faction. Y'know after the fall of Nargothrond, he went to Balar, with Gil-galad and Círdan? So, maybe.
BTW, if you have ideas for units , post them here. You are learned in the art of Tolkien.

Fell, what do you mean by

FellbeastIII wrote: Thanks for consulting the quartet, reallyfat!

Feb 17 2012 Anchor

ALright will do, thanks! :D

Feb 17 2012 Anchor

In answer, ReallyFat: Can you at least tell us before you decide to add a bunch of really cool powers!

Feb 18 2012 Anchor

i thought i told you! i know i told future and past....
well... uh... oops? sorry man!

Feb 19 2012 Anchor

Hmph. Oh, well, just keep me up to date.

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